My Imperfect Man


Do you know someone? Someone who is so imperfect but he can make my heart melt with his undying love? An undying love, he is going to love me more than forever? Forever is not enough, he is spending almost every second of his life to prove my worth? 

He is imperfect but I define perfection as someone who is imperfect. He is average looking but I see him as the most brawn man. He is weak but I believe he is the strongest man who can save me from anything. In short, I see him differently from that of all people. I see beyond imperfection.

There’s a friend whom I talked to before. We were waiting in the library, then. “You don’t necessarily need to understand something for you to like it.” He asserted.

From that moment, I suddenly grasped that idea from him. There are times it takes more than our senses to perceive something or someone. If you know what a MAGIC is, then that’s what I am talking about.

Do you know someone? Someone who is so imperfect but he can be my Beast for life? An imperfect Beast who loves me like Belle and doesn’t look for any other girl? Looking at me is his favorite pastime?

When I say, he doesn’t look for any other girl, I mean nobody else aside from me. My imperfect man has all his eyes on me, and nobody else. Nobody else can catch his attention because we are like magnets: positive and negative electric charges do attract. And attraction involves only two people.

When you say, I am crushing on someone, of course, you, plus him is two! So, one plus one is equal to two. That’s a basic Mathematics. (You are doing good.)

Now, we say only two people. Only two people are possible for this attraction. I don’t count numerous crushes here. Because numerous crushes are mortal sins to me. These crushes are “little devils.” I may sound too possessive for contending this idea, but it is not logical if you say you have tons of crushes. How many eyes do you have, huh? How many set of senses are present in your system? (Think thrice.)

Beyond the bounds of possibility, I still am looking for my imperfect man. It took me a thousand downfalls before I realized what I need, and not what I want. I need a man who loves me, unconditionally. A man who can’t like another girl because I am his only crush. It’s a bit thick that I don’t need someone who is perfect. I don’t need a gorgeous man who has a million girls in his eyes.

It’s beyond contempt but I hate polygamous men. Pardon me, people. I wrote this post not to change your views or something. Neither nor, I didn’t bark a slogan for your definition of a PERFECT MAN.

I am just looking for someone who is imperfect. Someone who can say, “I-M-perfect!” Do you know one, please?

(Call me futile with this blog post. Before I began thinking about drafting this post, I already expected oppositions or arguments later on. Anyway, I would love that! Comment and let’s conquer the world. I am standing on my belief, no matter what.)

by: Samantha C. De Guzman



Author: samofguzman

A writer neither writes every day nor every other day; a writer writes on a day beyond his control.

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