Here’s the wedding ceremony with the most unique vows I heard:

“Never bring the memories of the past.”

“Never criticize each other, unless you do it, lovingly.”

“Never go to bed with an argument.”

“Do not shout at each other, unless there’s a fire!” (This one made us all laugh)

With Rev. Dominador Lopez as the official pastor, the nuptial ceremony preceded at UCCP church, Baguio City. WEN and MAE, the couples overflowed with great joy for this most memorable event of their lives. Together with their family and friends, they relinquished the moment like’s there’s no tomorrow.

Just in time, my cousin Fedilyn and I arrived in Baguio at exactly 3:30PM and the wedding ceremony began already. We took the back seats while our relatives were on the opposite side.

My four other cousins, Kuya Kevin Basa was in charged of the veil, while Prince Eleazar  De Guzman was the ring bearer, Vincent Karl Matabang, on the other hand, was the coin bearer, and Axel Ace Dablo, one of the “flower boys.”

WEN and MAE, the newlyweds danced and sang before the reception at Good Taste restaurant. I was amazed to hear Just the Way You Are and A Thousand Years played in the VTR. We were all starving already so the desserts were firstly served before the main courses. There was a photo booth, also, where you can have multiple photos and have the hard copies, afterwards.

Thanks to Ate Mae and Kuya Wen! As what everyone else say, “Congratulations & Best Wishes!” I pray for your family’s prosperity and guidance. May you have a dozen of babies to come!

by: Samantha C. De Guzman



Author: samofguzman

A writer neither writes every day nor every other day; a writer writes on a day beyond his control.

3 thoughts on “12.18.2012”

    1. sam……wow!!!you’re amazing!!!!thanks cuz……i really love it…pwede u po b to mapost s fb ko???God bless!!!ilove you cuz!!!!!

      1. Hello, Ate Mae Anne! Pwedeng pwede po. Hinahanap ko nga po FB niyo kaso hindi ko mahanap. Sige ba. Ginawa ko talaga ito para sa inyo, eh. =) God bless you, too, and your family! I love you.

        (P.S. Pa-add na lang sa FB.)

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