From ‘Bullied Days’ to Perfection

I was a product of discrimination in my childhood and early adolescent years; I was too thin and tall for my age, too weak to defend myself. Adolescents of my age used to call me a “stick”, probably for having a thin figure. Of course, I cried. And a lot of times I spent my leisure thinking where did I go wrong. Yet, all those times, I thought my body was being developed. My mom and dad were also slim before, until they got married and have us, their kids. ‘The tallest, yet, the slimmest girl in class.’ This was captioned to me. Years had passed, I have accepted that fact that but deep inside, I prayed and promised that someday, I will find my own light in this world. I am going to shine, too…that I am also precious and I have more to prove. Now, I have come to conquer them not with revenge, but with some courage and inspiration. God is never asleep, He brought me anew into this world free from discrimination and fear. Not that I see myself the exact opposite of what I am before, but I was changed into a new creature, spiritually and emotionally. I am no longer the underdog you used to tease; I am Samantha, a person. Samantha has rights. Call me “SAM.”

SPARKling Novels 101 (The Guardian): A Book Review

SPARKling Novels 101 (The Guardian)

“And don’t worry. From wherever I am I’ll watch out for you. I’ll be your guardian angel, sweetheart. You can count on me to keep you safe…” 

If you want a novel packed with jump-ride suspense and mystery, intensified with romance and tragedy, The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks is the best one for you!

(I never thought the prologue would match the epilogue. Two guys competed for one sweet lady. Honestly, I was confused at first of who really was the good guy here and who will win Julie’s heart. Richard was scoring 99 in the first few chapters and Mike’s gaining an average of 80. Yet, all along, Richard was an impostor…a murderer! The handsome and charming engineer who had a great talent and love for photography has the darkest side who made escapes from place-to-place to hide and runaway from his criminal records. His real name was Robert Bantam; he’s a real psychopath, who mistakenly exchanged or thought of Julie as his missing wife named Jessica, because they looked almost the same. Well, he always knew from the beginning that Julie and Jessica were two different persons. But because of his extreme depression and loss in his childhood days, his temper and view of life changed. And I never mentioned that this Robert Bantam killed numerous people, including his wife. There had been plenty of attempts to track down all his personal identity and bank accounts or records but this guy was so smart that he considered all the possibilities before he leaped. Just when Officer Jennifer Romanello, a newbie police of Swansboro, North Carolina, discovered the serial numbers from Richard’s expensive cameras to track his real identity. That was why the police, Julie and Mike were terrified when they found out the true color of Richard or Robert, whatsoever, as how his photographs were slowly being developed from colors to pictures.

Jim was Julie’s husband who died because of an illness. From the moment I first opened the book, I cried because of Jim’s letter to Julie when he left Singer for her along with the hopes that Singer, the dog, will guide her and will serve as her only family. In the end, I cried my heart out, again, because Singer was gone. There the letter that Jim wrote for Julie matched. Singer and Jim were her guardians forever! He was too strong to be Julie’s guardian. And a dog has never been this good! What a guardian. Now, I want a Great Dane so badly!)

by: Samantha C. De Guzman