Perfected Imperfections (Imperfect Perfections)

“Let Your will be done, LORD, not mine.”

“I VOLUNTEER! I VOLUNTEER, SIR.” Yes, like Katniss Everdeen, I volunteered to be one of the speakers in debate, while my colleagues were trembling due to nervousness, for fear of being picked out of that draw. But the hope of finding myself in this debate was different from that of what I expected. Here’s the story:

I can’t believe I really stood up for the legalization of Same-Sex Marriage the whole duration of debate even if it’s contrary to my pages-long position paper that I have prepared for four weeks. When we tossed the coin, I was relieved because we got to chose our side but my disappointment arose when our Prime Minister affirmed the motion. 😦 (But you are a versatile debater, Danielle! I admire you for that!) The “fighter” in me became a silent sanctuary, yet, I have to fight, even if it’s contrary to law and morals.

The loopholes for Government side were really obvious and I supposed I perfected to establish the arguments on my position paper, which I wasn’t able to use tonight.

Oh, how unpredictable God’s plan was! Just when you were looking forward for a certain day to come, yes, it did. But in a very different circumstance. I might have not used my intuitions but my bravery and the Holy Spirit’s motivation did work out, perfectly. Imperfect arguments can perfect your day. But I was hoping for the perfect arguments, yet, I wasn’t sure of having the perfect moment. My 8-pages position paper was, I guess, useless. I wasn’t able to establish these, contrary to what I hope and prayed for. All “possible attacks/loopholes” to my paper were greatly sealed with night-long ideas that I have been conjuring up every now and then. They were supported by provisions, situations, etc – both falling under the question of facts and laws.

*Regarding the “growing needs of society”…it is a established proof that the reason for this motion is because of the increasing demands of people, discreetly. If you agree with the amendment process, then, what is your reason for attacking this Doctrine of Necessity? Do we need a statistical data here, which is not, I think the end goal of the Asian Parliamentary Debate. Moreover, DECORUM is very important in Debate. You don’t argue, informally. You are supposed to do it, intelligently. It was well established that the reason for Debate was to stand up for what is right and to do it in the proper way. Rude? Better sit, still.

In the end, our side won the debate and I was even chosen by the five adjudicators as the BEST SPEAKER, which until now, I couldn’t fathom how does that happen after all my contentions tonight. Ora et Labora! To God be all the glory!

Lessons learned: Although Debate seeks the truth, it also seeks quarter-full of bravery, despite of your 1% change of winning over that of 99%. And yeah, I should have had a copy of my position paper before I finally passed it. Was I really thinking? That would be useful for future debates.

Hello, readers! (I know this is somewhat inappropriate but I had to greet you in the end. By the way, I missed posting. 😉 )

by: Samantha C. De Guzman