Sky is the Limit

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Figuratively, colors of the sky and trees form the best work of aesthetics.

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The wind blows, perfectly, just as for the leaves dance with the rhythm.

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No one ever knew I took this photo because it looked like a photo from ages ago.

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Just half a landscape of our municipal hall, a breathtaking view.

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Have you also mistaken this to be a twilight photo?

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Oh! A busy street of people.

There was a time when the lanes were piled up by a number of people for a certain cause. Everyone buckled up for an event soon to come. But while they were putting their hands off for some reasons I know, I grabbed the camera and captured moments of what will be coined as “forever.” It all started before, I can’t remember when…I fell in love with Sky Photography. The natural colors and the vividness of the subject took me by surprise. This was the kind of art that I laid my eyes onto. No more artificial, just the right shot, then, that’s all. I sort of considered it as nature’s own painting – the blue sky is the canvas, and I used to put some colors by appropriating trees and the like to produce a masterpiece. Until the day came that I found myself unstopped by few clicks and uploads, I attempted to write this down here, but as usual, odds were never in my favor. Anyway, I want to thank my sister, for her smartphone that I used in this photo. She was in a screening this time and so handed me her device like I’m a Ziplock sister. 😀

(Photos are subject to copyright.)

by: Samantha C. De Guzman