Bad Run

Some of you might be asking why I titled this, “Bad Run”. Incidentally, the rain poured while we were taking a break from our supposed “afternoon jog” after a warm-up.

The day was perfect to sweat out anything that has been holding me. In the morning we planned to come here, but we were implicated because of errands that must be done, immediately. As usual, my sister, my partner in crime, my side-kick in any journey, was with me. We hit the road at past 3PM to get a glimpse of some sunlight or we’ll be running on a dark alley.

Toe-touch, high knees, consecutive running up and down the stairs for 40 seconds on and off, until we got down from the bleachers to finally get to the real game: jogging! Jogging is a good way to sweat and to be fit. It’s a simple cardio workout, if you’re into it, and it helps you endure hard and/or excessive physical activities. Plus, your heart rate is also trained for normalcy. Just be sure to cool down after the jog and drink water.

So, yeah, of course, journeys are incomplete without photographs! You could get used to me and my sister’s great eye for photography. As of the moment, we’re into macro shots and black and white ones – the latter was mine because she still, yet, has no appreciation for it.

I WAS GUILTY AS CHARGED. For months I have been planning to come here but school activities were eating up most or all of my time for case digest. That’s why I was so thankful for this 3-day semestral break because I was able to do what I want before I delve myself, again, into 3 major exams starting November 5.

There are more photos to come and I decided to divide them into sections as they would visualize more our small journeys in a single afternoon!

(NOTE: Photos are subject to copyright. No photos may be copied or reproduced without the consent of the owner. Thank you!)

by: Samantha C. De Guzman


Human Rights, are you there?

An old photo. Back to the days when I tried nail polishes for the first time. The photo speaks for itself. Human Rights, I think, has to say a lot here. The focal point of little things is the focal point of life.

You could just imagine my sigh of relief as I wrote the last word in our Human Rights take-home exam. Law students have this struggle of non-stop writing, manually. We must equip ourselves with good handwriting, cursive, and of course, legible. Bar examinations is old school: composition notebook, 0.5 black or blue sign pen, and your calligraphy/cursive handwriting. I still remember in the past few days when I was literally having a painful hand for the continuous writing in Labor Law final exam. Notwithstanding the foregoing requirements, you also have to be speedy enough to meet the set standard of time. In that case, we were allotted only two hours for 23-item or set of questions. It would be more appropriate to call it “set of questions” because one item includes five sub-questions, so from the moment you answered the first one, your hand begins shaking and running for time. The first hour had passed and I was still on the first page of the test question, that was, around the sixth or seventh question so I needed to speed up more and think more quickly. Until then, that I finished writing second to my classmates. Ideally, now, you have to train yourself in answering questions brief and concisely and faster than the average. Bar exams put more pressure so you have to be on the look-out.

The following morning, I was on my superhuman mode of waking up at dawn to start reviewing. I was in a rush from the previous examinations and due to the fortuitous event that transpired our province. At 9AM, I was sitting comfortably at the Law library with two annotated books at hand and a notebook for my reviewer. The transgressor in me wanted to sleep and end my scheduled “continuous” review, but I fought the urge. After the exam, we were all in awe so we ate and roamed until we no longer can feel the pressure of the next class. For all intents and purposes, we still have Agrarian Law class in the afternoon leaving us six hours vacant from our last exam. In between our breaks, most of what we did was chitchat and capture moments of our insanity. Man, we couldn’t absorb information anymore! The time now has come to go back to our supposed room for Agrarian Law. We waited and acted like a sane person, but our actions would prove otherwise. Law students have their own outlets and you can distinguish them from other members of the society outside its sphere. Until we got that update that our professor was not coming. Oh, no! What a wasted “un-wasted time”!

I wrote this blog for the very purpose of ending my prolonged agony in this Human Rights exam. From postponed exam to a take-home exam, I sure did passed different enigmas just to finish off this one. And before I finally pass this composition notebook later, I wanted to make a history of posting my gratitude of this subject which has made me liberal, yet, calculative of every rights of individuals across the globe. With the last question in our exam, “Considering all the foregoing query, what, then, is human rights?”, I wrote like a full-grown justice. LOL

“Human Rights is an overview of human life. Considering all the query, it is more than a piece of paper but a slice of the whole cake of humanity. It exists in the littlest of things that man cannot encumber upon for it is the very essence of his world. Statutes may be enacted, Constitution may be reprimanded, but these universal rights, like water, must be as universal as the solvent to protect not only individuals from a certain place, but everyone without distinction or discrimination. This entitles a person to his freedom from the world’s static disturbance or dominion over himself. Human Rights, again, then, is an overview of human life.” (Subject to copyright. The above text cannot be used without proper citation from the author of this blog)

In sum, I believe we all have the right to leisure under Art. 24 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Perforce, this entitles me to write this blog, as writing is a daydream, to wee the exhaustion I had from answering the exam, just as how we acted insanely after our nerve-wrecking exams in Labor Law and Phil. Law on Natural Resources.

Ora et Labora! Thank You, Lord, for affording me Your Wisdom and Knowledge to battle all these out.

Thank you, readers. Thank you, WLAN connection. If this posted, I am more than blessed because the promo I availed is about to lapse.

by: Samantha C. De Guzman


Double Action

I don’t know why.

Yes, you read that, right. Am I also certain in saying that I left this blog for a year? That, I supposed, will get me into 97% accuracy. For purposes not known to some, I checked my blog every now and then but I couldn’t find the momentum to write until now. I only have less than 30mins to travel for Law school but here I am typing here…

I admit my faults before. “Do not do unto others what you do not want others do unto to you.” This is one of the well-known mantra that every righteous individual must know. Because of the foreseeable nature of bullying, jealousy, and/or envy by some in college, I chose to stay farther from them. That made me remove a few in my friends’ list and give excuses for the benefit of their doubt. I reckoned that it’s best way not to meddle with unhealthy environment in college and just go on with the flow and study well, or study best.

Now I face the same dilemma with a different background. I have known this person for quite a while, albeit the absence of direct or personal meetings because I have known her through a common person whom we have this same connection. We became friends on Facebook, followed each other on Instagram and Twitter, until tables turned that we couldn’t apprehend the events-in-between us. She has known my side from the frequent posts that I made on different social networking sites, and for once we met, personally. Vice versa, I partly knew her and her stories. Different chats then and there, likes, comments…a day came that she removed me out of her life and pretended that shadows or footprints were unnoticeable. That was when I was “unfriended” or even blocked on Facebook and Instagram. You could prove it by the evidence of logging out your account, and fortunately checking hers if it’s shown, publicly. But I did it not for vain’s sake, but to prove my claim. I did it not to question her, but out of curiosity and nothing else. From the moment that I discovered the truth of my allegations, my eyes were teary. I did nothing more but pray and surrendered it to the LORD.

No one has the right to question a person because of his choice. That person is entitled to his freedom to choose whom he socialize with. And what happens between me and her or between me and some people during my college days best explains the abovementioned statement. You have no right to question that but to accept it and just shake the dust off. Honestly writing, I have no ill-feelings towards her for what she did, but it just makes me think thrice of my conduct towards her or her family. Maybe if I did something wrong, then, I should stop my preset now and end everything. If this would be the best way to end conflicts, then, why not? I am always open for negotiation, it’s only that no approach was made, as of now. The best thing to do? Well, just let it be. And pray.

I wrote this blog because I know that an accident will always have to pass that she can read this, just as how she and I also met:

To _____________,

If you are reading this, I want to say sorry for all the bad things I caused you in one way or another.  I want you to know that I don’t have anything against you and I still love you no matter what. ‘Reminding the personalized cup you promised me before when you come home here. Thank you and I will always admire you for the great artist that you are! xoxoxo

From: Sam

That is all, readers. We all have these lessons that only lifetime can teach us when to resolve. Remember that every person has the best friends in the world, and the greatest of them is Jesus! More entries to come. Bear with me. Thank you! (P.S. I am so late for Law school, oh, no! It’s okay for my peace of mind, though.)

by: Samantha C. De Guzman