Touch of Culture

Right before the year ends, I figured that I needed to blog 2015’s award-winning photos from the freshest photographers in town! This time, the shoot’s venue was inside Binmaley Museum – formerly a coffee shop, but with change of administration, was turned into a vintage and orderly memorabilia.

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My hair has been growing healthy that month, and so I am, too! KeKeKe.

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Part of out town’s tradition: Street-dancing during on February 1 to pay tribute to every barangay’s products/way of living.

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Collection of photographs of widely known places: seafood restaurants, schools, churches, town hall, etc.

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Yeah, this sort of brings the drama. Me posing and the window blinds behind me.

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Of course, basket weaving!

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We came just in time to shoot these photos and Shiella had me seated here with that look. LOL!

What you see is what you get. These array of photos connotes what our town has to offer. The fiesta is forthcoming next year and we do hope that you join us in the celebration. Feel free to comment! Thank you!

by: Samantha C. De Guzman



More phenomena float in the ocean of suburban existence; more feuds pirouette at the galaxy of contemplation; and more unearthing revelations beyond the core of truth. How far will you go?

We all are impelled by different forces to conjure up ourselves. Generally, every person’s speech comprises of the usual words he hears or the tedious thoughts he encumbers every time. In some instances, one could possibly say what he wants to hear from someone or the least liked thing from the latter. What about you? What motivates you? This is more than a psychology-related write-up because I am not a psychologist. I am Samantha C. De Guzman.

Manifestations of the humankind also differ: beliefs are affected strongly by childhood cache of fears, intuitions, dreams, success or failure, and some other sentiments stocked through the hippocampus – the connections between neurons associated with memory. Let me take religious belief as an example. One can say that God is dead based on how he viewed a supreme being during childhood. Family plays a large role in defying a child’s intuitions as the former was his first teacher, the home his first school. Indubitably, a person could claim that God is not existing based on the cargo of millstones he has from the very beginning until this moment that no one seems to listen. Taking an atheist point of view, God is dead because no one can prove that He exists. A fallacy, isn’t it? You know a reasonable mind has a lot to prove than a shallow mind with nothing to disprove.

I taught Logic as part of every college student’s curriculum, a branch of Philosophy. And more than I could ever surmise, I enjoyed it! The struggles of teaching and learning while students learn more from you is the biggest premium than an educator could have apart from his impressive salary (Well, not for me. My salary is less than my daily needs). Applying both formal and material logic, I asked my students to distinguish between the truth and falsity of propositions, and let them prove or rebut to the class why or so. Debates were also applauded so you see great minds metamorphose into millennial personas fighting against the status quo.

Do you pick out now how vast and stupefying the human mind is? *speechless*

Let me get my idea straight now. As far as I am concern, I write when my mind flows like a river liberally sustaining the sea. When drought comes, you could not force me to dive with the ebb of typing. AM I REALLY STOPPING THE BEATING AROUND THE BUSH? SORRY. My motivation did not come from hatred or pain. It also did not originate from my own grace for it wholly came from a spirit so great that not even a human mind can probe: Holy Spirit. Honestly, it has been a while that I couldn’t get thoughts straight here. Most of my posts were solely illustrative probably waiting for another river to devour the waters of grace. So here I am now, the Spirit writing to you…

Beyond my arbitration, I surrendered to HIM, the Alpha and the Omega. Yes, I was exposed to brilliant ideas of great minds but the latter did not move my perplexity towards the Omnipotence and Omniscience of the Creator. Most, if not everything, yet, about me changed when I met HIM. All days are struggles, and  every second is a sacrifice. I gave the fight of arguing to prove that I am right; I succumbed to the undeniable fact that a human is prone to mistakes, and as far as you keep on faltering, the more you forgive others’ debt. Life with HIM is not easy, but it is worthy.

I ache to know HIM more in my life, veritably. If tears and wounds are all I have, I would take them all to HIM and use them for HIS Greater Glory! I was supposed to be a slave, but through his mighty humility, we are all made his friends through His son. Are not lords supposed to be served? But He was made known here and dwelt among us to serve us. Sweet? No. Beyond explanation.

When your motivation comes from above, things may not yet transpire, perfectly, but they will and even more than your uphill battles. In contrast, when a thing, person or idea is your anchor of inclination, things may come to pass in fast-paced…yet, in the same manner, they would elapse in a split second. Or, more frustratingly, when they did not go as planned, would cause us too much burden to bear. See? When your source of hope is above you, He can bless you and shower you compared to a fountain leveled the same with you or below you. What could possibly be the result? Chaos.

In my previous posts, I coined myself as HIS Defendant. And as long as He wants me to achieve this mission, I would serve Him and fulfill my life’s purpose in this world: to offer my life to HIM and to others. Besides, it was all I could offer and if it was your everything, wasn’t it more worthy than anything?

“To the one who had much, nothing was in excess; to the one who had little, nothing was lacking.” (2 Corinthians 8:15)

This blog is by HIM and for HIM!

So what force motivates you? Comment below. Thanks!

by: Samantha C. De Guzman


Closing Remarks Flashback

IT occurred to me that I am running out of entries on my blog. Pardon me, readers. When your mind is preoccupied with Law matters, teaching, love, sorrow, hope. The latter gives me the strength to carry on and find splendor anew to write.

This post is different for it was my speech last 2014 before I graduate from college. And I find it worthwhile to share:

Ora et Labora!

“If you stay calm, you are wise, but if you have a hot temper, you only      show how stupid you are.” (Proverbs 14:29)

This asserts all of the things we must delve into, whether we are debating or dealing with our own personal matters. And as the President of the University of Luzon Debate Society, I have learned to be more patient, open-minded and considerate to the needs of others, esp. my co-students’. I have come to realize that being a president is not a difficult, but a downright and resplendent task, when you know how to love what you are doing. As for my case, it was an honor to be the brainchild of this event, “Debate Induction-Orientation.”

Just a little narration…last November, while everyone was enjoying their semestral break, there was a little voice in me saying, “Sam, please. The society needs you.” That was then; I started to wake up and formulate my proposals for the society. I wanted to leave a legacy; I wanted myself to be remembered not as a ceremonial leader, but as a follower to everyone. And with this proposed orientation, along with my advisers, Ma’am Ging Bee and Ma’am Magda, with the approval of my officers and the chairman, Dr. Virginia Nisperos, there’s nothing more satisfying than having all of my proposals being implemented in due time. I feel like my dreams and plans are now piled up in the stairs of reality!

GOD IS REALLY GOOD, HE NEVER STOODS.  I owe everything to Him, our Creator, our Master… this event would not be successful without the unending support of my family and friends. To our college dean, Ma’am, thank you for making the necessary corrections and for approving my proposals. Ma’am Ging Bee, thank you for guiding me. Prof. Vivian Dela Cruz, thank you so much for granting our request for you to be our resource speaker. To Ma’am Magda…Ma’am, no words can express how blessed I am to have you by my side every time. You served as my second mother. Mr. Joshua Tamondong, thanks for being my side-kick and for taking the responsibility whenever I am not around. My co-officers, now that you were inducted for the second time, I hope that we truly uphold the trust and responsibility that they have entailed upon us, “hanggang sa wakas.” The Foundation Week is about to start, I hope I can count on you until the end. To my better half, thank you for being patient with me and for making me feel better after a long day of work.

In behalf of Dr. Virginia Nisperos, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and chairman of the board, I want to take this opportunity to thank the debaters and coaches of every college, for your presence in gracing this event. And I just want to share Joseph Joubert’s view: “It is better to debate a question without settling it, than to settle a question without debating it.” I am wishing and praying for the success of everyone in the upcoming Intercollegiate Debate Competition. Again, thank you and Mabuhay! God bless us all!

Yes, I was the university’s Debate Society President – one of the blessings/challenge I have received from above. One day, you’ll see historic notes being posted all here.


by: Samantha C. De Guzman


Damsel in Distress

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Last December 18, 2015, Law school conducted what we known as “Meli Kilikimaka” (Christmas Party) at San Marino Place, Dagupan City. Not too obvious, the party’s theme was Hawaiian but I chose to enter the venue with a “coachella-look.”

Floral Crown. Cropped top. Ripped jeans. Sneakers! Just as when I arrived and every Law student and Law professors were looking (or not), I found myself trying to hide from this cute piece of clothing. But the night was too cold, I had to cover up with a cardigan. That didn’t spoil the fun, though.

By the way, I did my own make-up with little touches from my pro sister. And the rest was history. 🙂


by: Samantha C. De Guzman