Filmborn: Kodak P800 / Kiwi

 Kodak P800.

After my Saturday classes, I was tasked to buy Fuji apples. Somehow, along the lane of fruits, kiwi stole my attention. I don’t pay much regards to this fruit which has more vitamin C than orange, until we complied with the New Year custom – complete all the 13 round fruits on the table.

Little did I know, we used to ignore it. For who’d realize it’s a kiwi? Truth be told, I know how kiwi looks, but with the bare fruit itself, I have no idea.

Anyway, to stop beating around the bush, I included kiwi in my shopping list. And ta-dah! It tastes better than it looks.

P.S. I am looking forward to shooting more of film photography. How cool is that? 😄



New Year ATTACK: Addiction to ARTs

“To be more artsy in 2017.”

This holiday season, I would not forget how infatuated I was with watercolors. At first, my mom does not want to support the idea of providing the expense of it – “just a hobby”, as they say. Added to the fact that we’re saving for Media Noche, surely, I lost the chance on the first try.

Second try. Mom had no choice because she needed my occasional “no” to her picks every [Christmas] shopping. In the end, we had a clear deal. And so it goes…

I received this today, wrapped with all her inside-protests and love. 😍

Tulips. The finished work (Credits to the owner of this idea on the Web). It’s mesmerizing how easy to blend the colors without much ado. You’ll never see the beauty until it quickly dries…what a natural-finish!By the way, this is Disney’s Art Attack brand of watercolors. From an array of watercolors in the department store (Faber Castel, Dong-A, etc.), I chose this because of the vibrancy of the pigments which give them a more natural look! You can easily mix them altogether using basic Color Wheel tips. Plus, the brush is a bonus! You can get this for PHP 118. If you’re into tertiary colors, you can choose Faber Castel. They offer more color palettes that I saw. I hadn’t even tried using it because Art Attack was my first brand. So far, this palette has the greatest number of colors in the store.

For watercolor painter-wannabes out there, you can learn different tips online or discover your own hacks. Resiliency and patience will help you a lot here. Anyway, you will even appreciate your work in the end. 🙂

Thanks to my sister for her endless support to my interests and everything. 😀 I always get a fair deal of working with her (she worked with her color pencils while I unleashed othe power of watercolors!).