#SAMMYFACES101: Samantha la Fea


Happy New Year! 🙂 I have no idea why I opted to post one of my “Ugly Betty” shots last year: no makeups, just my bare face and eye-wear.

This entry is a reminder for simplicity. I welcomed my teenage years with just baby powder; I braved my college years with occasional lip color, as an addition; and I passed my freshmen and sophomore years in Law school with face powder and lip balm. Only during my latter years I learned to do my eyebrows because “Kilay is life!” 😀  [Kidding aside, I tried learning makeup out of necessity – I don’t want to spend every now and then for a makeup artist during special occasions]. Hence, I am reminding myself to, always, go back to where I started despite the onslaught of makeup phenomenon today. I am not saying that makeup is bad as it is, in fact, a blessing to most to enhance one’s beauty. It’s just that this year, why don’t we strive to be more simple? 🙂

True beauty is beyond what the eyes can see. Strive to be “the beautiful who never fades.”<3

Get up and don’t be ashamed to show the world who you, really, are.

By the way, I am grateful for this opportune time to relax on my swivel chair, thinking that now is the perfect time to write few blogs before I bid my temporary farewell to concentrate on my studies.

2018 is here.

Thank you, avid readers! I hope and pray that this year turns out the best for all of us. May God’s grace, love, and peace be with us all throughout the year.