I am sorry, Dean.

Of whites and big dreams. 👩🏻‍🎓🌬

In the middle of March, seventeen (17) men and women from the well-acclaimed PHINMA- University of Pangasinan College of Law, took off from the bloodbath for the graduation pictorial.

Half a day was sufficient to bring all toils and insomnia into elegance, for what good would it bring to wear a “no-no battle-suit”? They would, rather, fight in full gears than come to the arena empty-handed [P.S. I was referring to our attire, sorry. 😂].

“I am sorry, Dean.” was the title of this entry because I was not so proud to barge into one’s office and take photographs for myself.

So, Dean, if you are reading this right now, I want to say thank you for being all-proficient and patient during our Civil Law Review classes. We salute you, Dean! 👋🏻We’re hoping that a day will come that you would do the same for us. ✌🏻 Again, let me be repetitive with my apologies for using your honorable office for my “artistic agenda”. 💓

2915831e-295a-416d-be67-e66d89296ec3I am sorry, Dean, for wanting to be a lawyer for my mistaken belief that the Law profession depicts tranquility. After almost four years of my stay in Law school, I welcomed the idea that “lawyering” is equivalent to battling. 🤼‍♂️

I am sorry, Dean, for my enthusiasm in entering this “Battle of Lions.” 🦁

I am sorry, Dean, for spending a year to teach while studying. You told me during the interview, “IF you want to be a lawyer, you should be a full-time student. Remember that the first day of your review starts from the first day of your class on your first year.” 📖

Thank you, Dean, for inculcating in us that failure to prepare is preparation to fail. ⏳

Thank you, Dean, for summing up thousand pages of annotation into a single sentence, clearly. 💡

Thank you for, jokingly, teaching the morale: “So what should you do when the Law favors the rich? AIM TO BE RICH!” 💸

Thank you, Dean, for, always, reminding us that UPang lawyers are above par! 👩🏻‍⚖️👨🏻‍⚖️

Thank you, Dean, for teaching us to stand for what we’re fighting for. ⚖️

Thank you, Dean, for your words of wisdom during annual testimonial dinners. 🗣

ca596f8f-7205-44c6-b929-31a17240426dAnd, finally, thank you, Dean, for giving us passing grades in Civil Law Review I and II, and for signing our graduation papers! 🏆🏅

By the way, thanks to Ma’am Diola, our librarian, who cheered me up and pushed me to do the shoot here. Ah, yep, it was Pops who took these photos. Do you want to book him as your photographer? No problem!

Congratulations, UPang Law graduates! God is so gracious! We made it, future panyeras and panyeros! And congratulations to all graduates of 2018! Hats off and sablay down to the graduates! 👩🏻‍🎓👨🏻‍🎓



Narciso Loco

As promised, a sequel to my previous blog!

Where greens are life and browns are love, we took turns taking photographs even if we appeared aliens to this place to others. Truly, the sports complex has gotten everything you need from any common sport to a relaxing ambiance.

Get used to my justification for every title that I make. “Narciso Loco” exemplifies the enamor we undergo every time we step into the corners of Lingayen Capitol Compound including this place, and all its other tenements. Admittedly, we are from Pangasinan, however, no time in the world existed without us falling in love to these places over and over, again.

At any rate that you want to experience them yourselves, you are free to go! There is no entrance fee whatsoever. In fact, the more you appeal as an alien, the more welcome you are to the administration. 😀 Other than that, still, a number of memories are coming up! Stay updated and thanks for stopping by!

(NOTE: Photos are subject to copyright)

by: Samantha C. De Guzman


Stop to the Shop of Hallows












“Welcome to the Shop of Hallows, where big dreams were crumpled by steady gazes and clothes were stolen from faraway places. 

Grasses are green, the woods are brown and sands are black as ebony. 

Ants and lethal insects befriend the hosts, eat the lost.

Faces of asylum and blocks of holes you’ve never beaten.

Goodbye to the world, this is prison.”

(Poetry by Yours Truly)

Photos were taken by: Mockingbird Photography 🙂

Jays: Shiella Mae C. De Guzman and Yours Truly

Guest Jay: Fedilyn De Guzman

Hair, Make-Up and Accessories by: Shop of Hallows

by: Samantha C. De Guzman







How do you love being BLUE? The oxymoron of that question applies with my agenda this month. I started modelling for an online shop and boutique, with all my papers and utterances hanging. You could just see the simplicity of my poses there, eh? This would be my stepping stone towards one of my biggest dreams! I owe these to my cousin!

Make-up by: Angel Pinkheart

Hair by: My mom

Photos by: Angel Pinkheart & ME

 WANT this dress? You can purchase this online. Just follow these steps:

1. Like this page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pixie-Trixie-Online-Shop/305212879521315

2. Follow the rules.

3. Wait for my next blog posts. =P

Aren’t those easy tasks? Come on, have this dress and pose for your own benefit!

by: Samantha C. De Guzman