Meet me here in Seoul, S.K. 🇰🇷

I wasn’t joking when I said, “Meet me here in Seoul.” This is part of the reality located in the province of Pangasinan.

“Paskuan ed Kapitolyo” under the present administration made this possible: every office was tasked to put on decorations reflective of the assigned country to it.

Here, Kalantiao Building was to portray South Korea.

And so, here it was.

I hope I could show to you the rest of the other nations so we could all travel across the globe this yuletide season.



More phenomena float in the ocean of suburban existence; more feuds pirouette at the galaxy of contemplation; and more unearthing revelations beyond the core of truth. How far will you go?

We all are impelled by different forces to conjure up ourselves. Generally, every person’s speech comprises of the usual words he hears or the tedious thoughts he encumbers every time. In some instances, one could possibly say what he wants to hear from someone or the least liked thing from the latter. What about you? What motivates you? This is more than a psychology-related write-up because I am not a psychologist. I am Samantha C. De Guzman.

Manifestations of the humankind also differ: beliefs are affected strongly by childhood cache of fears, intuitions, dreams, success or failure, and some other sentiments stocked through the hippocampus – the connections between neurons associated with memory. Let me take religious belief as an example. One can say that God is dead based on how he viewed a supreme being during childhood. Family plays a large role in defying a child’s intuitions as the former was his first teacher, the home his first school. Indubitably, a person could claim that God is not existing based on the cargo of millstones he has from the very beginning until this moment that no one seems to listen. Taking an atheist point of view, God is dead because no one can prove that He exists. A fallacy, isn’t it? You know a reasonable mind has a lot to prove than a shallow mind with nothing to disprove.

I taught Logic as part of every college student’s curriculum, a branch of Philosophy. And more than I could ever surmise, I enjoyed it! The struggles of teaching and learning while students learn more from you is the biggest premium than an educator could have apart from his impressive salary (Well, not for me. My salary is less than my daily needs). Applying both formal and material logic, I asked my students to distinguish between the truth and falsity of propositions, and let them prove or rebut to the class why or so. Debates were also applauded so you see great minds metamorphose into millennial personas fighting against the status quo.

Do you pick out now how vast and stupefying the human mind is? *speechless*

Let me get my idea straight now. As far as I am concern, I write when my mind flows like a river liberally sustaining the sea. When drought comes, you could not force me to dive with the ebb of typing. AM I REALLY STOPPING THE BEATING AROUND THE BUSH? SORRY. My motivation did not come from hatred or pain. It also did not originate from my own grace for it wholly came from a spirit so great that not even a human mind can probe: Holy Spirit. Honestly, it has been a while that I couldn’t get thoughts straight here. Most of my posts were solely illustrative probably waiting for another river to devour the waters of grace. So here I am now, the Spirit writing to you…

Beyond my arbitration, I surrendered to HIM, the Alpha and the Omega. Yes, I was exposed to brilliant ideas of great minds but the latter did not move my perplexity towards the Omnipotence and Omniscience of the Creator. Most, if not everything, yet, about me changed when I met HIM. All days are struggles, and  every second is a sacrifice. I gave the fight of arguing to prove that I am right; I succumbed to the undeniable fact that a human is prone to mistakes, and as far as you keep on faltering, the more you forgive others’ debt. Life with HIM is not easy, but it is worthy.

I ache to know HIM more in my life, veritably. If tears and wounds are all I have, I would take them all to HIM and use them for HIS Greater Glory! I was supposed to be a slave, but through his mighty humility, we are all made his friends through His son. Are not lords supposed to be served? But He was made known here and dwelt among us to serve us. Sweet? No. Beyond explanation.

When your motivation comes from above, things may not yet transpire, perfectly, but they will and even more than your uphill battles. In contrast, when a thing, person or idea is your anchor of inclination, things may come to pass in fast-paced…yet, in the same manner, they would elapse in a split second. Or, more frustratingly, when they did not go as planned, would cause us too much burden to bear. See? When your source of hope is above you, He can bless you and shower you compared to a fountain leveled the same with you or below you. What could possibly be the result? Chaos.

In my previous posts, I coined myself as HIS Defendant. And as long as He wants me to achieve this mission, I would serve Him and fulfill my life’s purpose in this world: to offer my life to HIM and to others. Besides, it was all I could offer and if it was your everything, wasn’t it more worthy than anything?

“To the one who had much, nothing was in excess; to the one who had little, nothing was lacking.” (2 Corinthians 8:15)

This blog is by HIM and for HIM!

So what force motivates you? Comment below. Thanks!

by: Samantha C. De Guzman


Leaf Yuletide

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The Yuletide season has barely started! As a norm, my sister and I used to photograph bits and pieces of what will serve as seasonal relics or mimics of the authentic Christmas stuffs.

Leaf symbolizes hope for it springs another time for harvest, so is Advent. Advent is a 4-week preparation to Christmas – the coming of Christ. And when Messiah comes, all hopes are up.

For as long as Christ lives, we also will. For as long as there is life, there is hope. For as long as there is hope, there is love. For as long as there is love, there is peace.

Happy Yuletide Season! 🙂

(Photos by: Yours Truly and Ms. Shiella Mae C. De Guzman. NOTE: All photos are subject to copyright.)

by: Samantha C. De Guzman


Why are ROSES meant for perfection?

We’ve seen roses in so many photographs or in any occasion. Why? These flowers are not only for one epoch, but for all epochs! Most of us love the lusciousness of red roses for they symbolize blazing love.

Last February 14, 2013, I was more than surprised and I found myself teary-eyed because of the provocative that I had that day. Believe me, it was Happy Hearts Day but I slept my heart out. No, I am not bitter or something. It’s just that, the day was perfect to take a rest without interventions! At 10AM, I got home already and bought some presents for my family. I spent my lunch date with Mama and Papa. Who says Valentines are merely for lovers, huh?

In the evening, I got my report on Rizal banging me because it was due the following day. One moment, my cousin, Fedilyn, the one I keep on talking in my random posts, gave me this single rose and said, “Happy Valentines, cousin.” with the delicate and humble smile she always have.

Honestly, dear readers, I couldn’t contain my emotions that night! Who would expect a rose from his cousin? Of all people who can give me just a single bud or so, it was my cousin who took me by surprise and made all her efforts just to give me one. She really was a thoughtful and a sweet cousin!

ImageImageImageImageHere are the photographs that I have taken because of my overflowing gratitude! It was a Valentines-Day-not-well-spent-anymore! This rose just made my Valentines Day an unforgettable one, despite my disappointing expectations!

Why are roses so perfect; that they define BEAUTY and LOVE? Happy Valentines Day, readers! I hope I am not too late to greet you, although I already was. =P

by: Samantha C. De Guzman


All Souls’ Candlelit

 “Dungeons and moats? NO, not the moats.”

Hopping on the first day of November, I was finally able to find some intuitions. Some of my consistent readers were querying about my site, why I was away from it and why didn’t I seem to flash on the idea. Well, honestly, I was wracked up by my Final exams last semester. The exhaustion is still haunting me like a Halloween picket. And this weekend break, or I should say, semestral break gives me a fractional time to unwind and unload the strain I had.

For the love of everybody, here’s my November blog! (This is a continuation of my November 1 post.)

LIGHT connotes truth, hope and life. We light candles to give way our departed ones the truth about death, hope for the families and life after death.








Candlelight/Candelit. After my family flee from the cemetery, the same day on November 1, 2012, I lighted up candles with my two cousins, Dessan and Ate Jennife. I so like it when there are candles everywhere. Their light perplex a natural tranquility into my system. The quiet luminosity lit up a portion of the place.

All Souls’ Day. Actually, that night was All Saint’s Day, and supposedly, memorializing them must be on November 2. Apart from this trend, people are used to commemorating the said occasion on November 1.

***This is a secret if you want to have photographs like this, and you are using a camera with LED flash. Comment below and I’ll tell you what to do. (Yes, I am so sure about that. But if you already knew, then, that’s good!)

by: Samantha C. De Guzman


Austere’ All Day

All Saint’s Day or All Souls’ Day, it doesn’t matter. As part of the society’s beliefs and customs, Filipinos prefer to visit their departed loves ones in cemeteries on November 1 or All Saints’ Day. Catacombs are usually crowded by families who bring with them flowers, (whether ornamental or artificial) candles and foods for the deceased family member or friend. A solemn prayer is offered to bless their tombs and their soul.

Pops, clearing out the hays near my grandfather’s tomb. The heat of the sun is freezing!
Just as we pitied this child, he got rid of the wanton grasses surrounding my uncle’s tomb, for a pay, of course.
It’s sunny outside so it was a must to bring umbrellas. We broughttwo umbrellas with us. Mom’s holding the purple umbrella.
My grandmother, watchful of the boot hill.
Here’s a landscape of Binmaley’s Public Cemetery. Truly, Binmalenians are commiserative of their deceased loved ones.
There were painters “kuno” roaming around. We asked one to repaint my uncle’s tomb due to its senility.
Crisostomo was spelled “CRISOSTUMO” and we ordered the painter to make the necessary corrections.
Welcoming the pre-Twilight, candlelit is almost everywhere.

“Eternal rest, grant unto them, O, Lord.

And let your perpetual light shine upon them.

May they rest in peace.


by: Samantha C. De Guzman