‘Sweetest Thing’

The sweetest thing I heard today was when Pops said, “I am happy that you’re happy.”, randomly, at suppertime.

He looked me straight in the eye and smiled.

“Thank you, Papa.” Then, I was dazed to discover how my father could fathom the real feeling I have inside.



Softly Indulged ❤️

I like the notion of having a “childlike tastebud.” A person ages, but the memory of sugar melting inside his mouth does not.

So today, I am grateful for a soft pleasure – to indulge myself with a cone of ice cream from a convenient store.

Maybe life is all about small-sized indulgence. You’re biting, slowly, until you realized you’re full.



One Sunny Afternoon

I was holding a pair of crinkled hands – they were white. These exquisite bougainvilleas were pale in comparison to the beauty that these hands witnessed for almost a decade.

“Why are you holding me all the time?”, she asked.

“‘Cause I don’t want to let you fall, Gran.” I answered.




“How long am I gonna be stuck here, excuse me?”

Sweet? No, bittersweet. I had never seen this coming. Never.

So this is grief. You can’t, really, tell: all you have are bizarre pictures lurking past you…sometimes back and forth.

They would say, “It’s okay.” But, honestly, it’s not okay. It’s not okay not to be okay.

You were thinking of alternatives. Sadly, you had no Plan B.

Grieve. Just grieve.



It’s Better if you Don’t Understand ✋🏻


One person asked me, “How’s your day?”

I answered, “Good.”

Then, I gave a supporting answer, “If I tell you, you will not understand how beautiful this day was for me. We have different views. You can’t see the kind of beauty I see through my vision because we’re in different phases of technicolor: You see a single color, I see ombre. Because it’s the One giving color to my life that you can’t see. Unfortunately, it’s better if you don’t understand.”

He replied, “Tell me.”

“Sorry. How can I explain? It’s like describing a rainbow to a blind.”


#SAMMYFACES101: Samantha la Fea


Happy New Year! 🙂 I have no idea why I opted to post one of my “Ugly Betty” shots last year: no makeups, just my bare face and eye-wear.

This entry is a reminder for simplicity. I welcomed my teenage years with just baby powder; I braved my college years with occasional lip color, as an addition; and I passed my freshmen and sophomore years in Law school with face powder and lip balm. Only during my latter years I learned to do my eyebrows because “Kilay is life!” 😀  [Kidding aside, I tried learning makeup out of necessity – I don’t want to spend every now and then for a makeup artist during special occasions]. Hence, I am reminding myself to, always, go back to where I started despite the onslaught of makeup phenomenon today. I am not saying that makeup is bad as it is, in fact, a blessing to most to enhance one’s beauty. It’s just that this year, why don’t we strive to be more simple? 🙂

True beauty is beyond what the eyes can see. Strive to be “the beautiful who never fades.”<3

Get up and don’t be ashamed to show the world who you, really, are.

By the way, I am grateful for this opportune time to relax on my swivel chair, thinking that now is the perfect time to write few blogs before I bid my temporary farewell to concentrate on my studies.

2018 is here.

Thank you, avid readers! I hope and pray that this year turns out the best for all of us. May God’s grace, love, and peace be with us all throughout the year.