A Road to Enchantment

I always want to go for a long walk, not bothered by my footwear if it will fit the road…or not even close to where I am heading. It’s just a matter of “ADVENTURE.”

When I was a little, maybe 7 or 8, I was the queen of prowess in the class. My friends and I walk our way home. Well, not directly. We use shortcuts – spooky and wild places we’ve never been to.

Every afternoon, or in some instances, it was 2PM. While we were heading home, a path unknowingly deluded us. Different stalks of banana and sharp edges of wild grasses we were passing through, then, did try to wound us, too.

Unsure, terrified and exhausted, we patiently looked for our way back. There was this enigma that finds me peering, mindful of every path that we were taking.

A small body of water suddenly caught my attention. Have you ever wondered where mermaids used to hide? Nonetheless, I know you do because yes, in any place they hide. And this was based upon folk stories I heard before…

A tap on my shoulder brought me back to reality. One of my friends pointed us a lighter horizon of the pathway that would lead us later to the highway. With a mixed fervid relief, I sighed. I was thinking of being stocked in the middle of nowhere. “What was the point of going back to reality?” I whispered to myself, quiet enough not to let anyone hear my plea.

My best-friend took my hand and we walked with a speed of fury to get back to our own houses. There was a pond, though, and we needed to jump across it…higher and longer – careful not to get ourselves wet.

After their turn, I took mine. One, two, three… I jumped to boot and so I was back to reality. In few kilometers, I can already see the roof of our house. It’s getting hazy, yes. Twilight welcomed us with a cold and sound wind, breathing in and out a lungful of relieved breaths.

As I reached our doorstep, my friends waved their “Goodbye” to me. And before I enter the house, I got the stone inside my pocket. It was the one I picked near the small pond we’ve gone to, lately.

Stone symbolizes strength, stability and compactness. I think, like the stone, my dignity and determination are strong, hard and simple. No doodles, not rainbow-colored, but
an art.
Why? Art is beauty. And not everyone may see the real artistry on it, I bet few can comprehend the true meaning behind it.

I am an adventurous person. Most of the time, I venture out in the four corners of my room but I picture every single detail of my own Neverland. A place you’ve never been to, and you’ll never been to. A trip is not always opt to be in costly, faraway places. Your mind says it all: “You can go wherever you want as long as you cooperate with the beats of your heart and your imagination.”

Take this, for instance. The photograph above was taken by me. Gainsay to shoal, I was walking with my mom and I accidentally pressed the Camera button on my mobile phone. Later that night, I viewed the original photo and beautified it more.

The caption’s a part of the song, “Rocketeer” by Far East Movement ft. Ryan Tedder.
I want to take you into a place in my mind…a place that I’ve treasured for years. And thank you for joining me, for reading this alone is just a round-trip to my story.

And if you’re asking for the stone I kept for years, let me say this to you. I still have it now, promise. The stone’s been locked to a fancy string, with a somewhat big white circle around it, and it’s what you’re using to read this…

“Your Beautiful EYES.”

by: Samantha C. De Guzman

Five Beauty Tips to Live by Everyday (Just the Way You Are)

Okay, don’t expect for some make-up tutorials here. These are just but some of my secrets that I want to share with you:

First, get enough sleep. You might be spending your time watching your much anticipated TV series, you can’t put down that Twilight book, your friends are buzzing around Twitter and Facebook…remember: “The more you sleep, the more you get beautiful.”

When you sleep, your body restores energy. In the same way, your skin cells also regenerate. (It is advisable to get 9 hours of sleep for teenagers. Interchange of biological clock!)

Second, don’t boost yourself much to cosmetics! Make-ups enhances your features but be careful for some might cause skin irritations or skin allergies. “Look at the label if they’re hypo-allergenic.”

“Simplicity is beauty.” Choose loose powder over creamy foundations. And vice versa, lip balm makes you look luscious than the red lipstick!

Third, wash your face at least three times a day. Teenagers are prone of having oily skin, esp. in the face, and this is the main cause of acne problems. “Be sure to splash clean water and mild soap.” It will make you feel more comfortable and, of course, fresher!

Fourth, never forget to apply sunblock lotions or sunscreens with SPF 10, 15 or more when you’re ought to stay under the sunlight for a couple of hours. Like for instance, you have to win that badminton or volleyball sport, you and the varsity team have been practicing of.

Or maybe, you have to join your pals having picnic at the park. “Your skin is sensitive and it needs protection from the harmful rays of the sun.”

And lastly, always feel that you are beautiful! Look into the mirror, smile at your cutest, imagine the man of your dreams wink at you. Say, “Oh, I am so beautiful!” three times.

Listen to songs that surmise your confidence like Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are”, “I Feel Pretty/Unpretty’ of Glee Casts, “Beautiful” by Christina Aguillera and a lot more!

“It’s the confidence and grace that make you the most beautiful of all!” Keep in mind that the inner beauty captures the hearts of great men. Don’t just be attractive on the outside; try to be as gorgeous as what you are, inside.

Thank you, and I believe you are beautiful and amazing JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!

(Credits to http://www.weheartit.com for the awesome photos!)

Life’s Halfway To Success (Keep Holding On!)

Okay, to be honest with you, I’m not feeling well at this moment…emotionally torn. Now, let me start by stating my principle last night:

“The hardest part is not 60-90% to make 100. It’s the 99% which barely makes you accept the fact that only 1% is lacking.” 

So, how about that, readers? When life seems so unfair that you almost have everything that you needed, only one’s badly missing. Does that make sense?

Well, as what everybody say, everything happens for a reason. God gives us what we need, and not what we want. If a certain thing didn’t go how we wanted it to be, don’t give up that easily. Why not make a back-up plan? Why don’t you study your previous moves and replace them with better ones?

This blog for instance, I know for a fact that not everybody will have the chance to read this. Why am I still taking time to think and to type words when no one would hesitate to know what I want to convey? We are paying bills for our house electricity and internet connection. I would even rather please myself reading a novel on my headboard and fall in love with literature again….

But then again, I am taking this opportunity to impart some of my knowledge to you, dear readers. Feel free to ask me, I would be very grateful to answer you as much as I can!

Thank you and have a good day!

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