Hello there! It’s official: Rainy season has started in PH. How’s everyone around the globe doing? The last two weeks put me into a real hectic schedule. I started writing for Beauty Meets Fashion situated in London, UK. This was my debut article. As much as I want to maximize my introduction, I am so excited to bring this to you! Please don’t forget to click link where this post was originally published. Xoxo. :* 

Rain, rain, go away, come, again, another day. Seriously, don’t you like sizzling these droplets of heaven while wearing your perfect overall? Cheer up, Girl! We’ve got a bounty of playful and colorful surprises for you, perfect for this seemingly-gloomy-rainy-season. Maybe you’ll reconsider singing this nursery rhyme anymore and teach your younger sibling to sing, instead.

Hair is every girl’s crowning glory. Once in a while, it becomes damp due to occasional moistures, or it could be caused by running away from the rain because you declined granny’s offer of her own umbrella. Later on, tangled hair gives you an eerie feeling, which, later on, forces you to take a second or third bath. No problem. Here are few solutions:

  1. Hair Brush

Start ditching the rule of No combing when your hair is wet. With this brush, you can comb your hair without leaving strands on the floor. Due to its gentle bristles, kiss the knots and tangles goodbye without much pain.

http://beautybay.com/haircare/thewetbrush/wetbrushsugarskull/The Wet Brush Sugar Skull comes in three colors: Purple Rose, Red Rose, and White Rose. ‘Guess you’d be ready to attend Mexico’s Day of the Dead and meet your own James Bond after using this brush? Absolutely!

  1. Moisturizing Hair Conditioner

Consider using hair conditioners. When your hair is wet, it becomes more porous and prone to breakage. It needs extra moisture to protect itself from the stress it will take upon towel-drying. No one likes having frizzy hair after drying which results to hair fall. Chill. This is where moisturizing conditioner steps in – stress will be reduced due to the low friction. However, before attempting to use one, you should consider your hair type: Is it oily or dry? Remember that too much conditioner will damage your hair so use it only when necessary.

http://beautybay.com/haircare/sachajuan/moisturizingconditioner/Sachajuan offers a conditioner suitable for detangling to prevent further breakage. After a single wash, your hair becomes smoother, softer, and silkier. With Sachajuan, dismiss those haunting thoughts and flaunt that gorgeous hair, Girl!

  1. Styling Shimmer Spray

You’ve, always, heard what they say: “Celebrities can have it, but we can’t.” Didn’t Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Sarah Jessica Parker blow your mind when they walked on that red carpet with their gloriously, shiny hair? Well, not only them. Not only them, I repeat. Of course, you, too, can glister and rock the streets of style without heading to expensive salons.

http://beautybay.com/haircare/wellaprofessionals/eimishimmerdelight/Wella Professional’s Eimi Shimmer Delight takes you to a whole new trend of an after-finish effect, while keeping your hair UV rays-protected. Don’t forget to add this to your collection because it’s specially crafted to reduce your frizzy hair problems. So whenever you feel like going out, bring your spray out and rock the streets! Or even the red carpet.

  1. Hair Food Supplement

Now that you have the essentials to properly take care of your hair, improve your diet. Food intake plays a high role in your hair development so cut on spicy, salty, highly-processed, and all that unhealthy foods. Munch on a vegan diet and increase your protein-rich foods intake, instead. To revitalize hair growth, back it up with supplements: Vitamin A, also known as retinol, is an antioxidant which chiefly functions to promote eye health. However, it also helps produce sebum, an oil secreted by the scalp, to keep the hair moisture; Vitamin C, on the other hand, helps in building collagen, a long-chain amino acid and basic form of protein responsible for giving skin elasticity and hair strength; and Vitamin D, which functions as a hormone produced by the body from cholesterol when skin is exposed in sunlight, aids in preventing nutrient deficiency linked in having hair loss. Usually, people who live far from the equator have the high risks of Vitamin D deficiency without them knowing. But all hopes are not down for you if you lack one of these vitamins.


Hairburst’s Vitamin for Hair Growth gives you a month of supply, enriched with Vitamins A, C, and D, and minerals to compensate for inevitable vitamin loss. Since it’s formulated with all-natural ingredients, worry no more from artificials. If you’re a forgetful chick, this supplement can pardon you for not taking your daily dose of Vitamin C or A. Rescue yourself from your wildest dream of traveling in South Korea, Japan, Greenland, or any country far from the equator without compromising perks of sunlight – Vitamin D. Travel and conquer the world, Girl! Hairburst got your back!

Truly enough, your crowning glory drifts through monsoon seasons: every now and then, your high school friends would not mind the drizzles and meet you up at a nearby café (‘cause they hate naps and all that gloomy mood swings); your mom would, sweetly, ask you to wash up your li’l sissy or bro; or you would, constantly, decline your granny’s umbrella (due to the fact that non-foldable umbrellas are not so handy and they don’t add up to your porma). During these occasional drifts, your hair gets wet, which forces you take the shower more often. But since you’ve, already, learned dealing with minor problems, maybe you’d, really, stop singing the nursery rhyme to drive the rain away. Why not sing, “If all the rain drops were lemons drops and gum drops, oh, what a rain that would be!” Yes, you can sing with me and ‘tis the rainy season with these products!

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Diary 101

Conversation deleted. 

It would be a violation of our privacy to blog this, but I cannot think anything better than release it here and pray to GOD. The clock is ticking; I switched off my air-cooling system. Just to get a grip on my laptop and write everything, I am standing this suffocation inside my room.

12:09AM – I opened my Facebook account and finally decided to change a portion of it, back from what it has been before. Tomorrow, I think, it would break the whole world. (No, I am not a Hollywood star or something that they stalk me and my profile 24/7) What I meant was, many would blabber about that.

12:15AM – I finished typing the paragraph above this one, and, yet, I haven’t gone to what I am supposed to say. Okay, here we go….

Never did someone called me into names that hurt me. Never did someone caused so much pain inflicting words to me. Yes, I admit to being tactless at times. As a human, let me recount my verdict…whenever I hear names or events that I don’t like, I tend to be talkative until the person whom I talk to become annoyed, or worst, become mad at me like there’s a halo of fire above his head. That is why, in return, I was caught off guard with a bullet hitting me bull’s eye. Wow! That is just magnificent.

I dubbed myself as the “SARCASM QUEEN” and someone hated me for that. Who’d have loved somebody who speaks of irony that  you’d not believe his sincerity in the end? Nobody.

Pardon me.

Who’d have dealt with someone who is argumentative? Never would anyone waste time on a person who likes talking about ‘nonsense things.’

Who’d have dealt with someone who is moody? Never would anyone lose his crafts and play nuts with someone. Who is he, by the way? I am not him.

Who’d have dealt with someone who is childlike? Being childlike is different from being childish. These two things have different meanings –  the latter is thinking and acting like a child, while the first one is just mimicking what a child does. Never would anyone push his luck on acting like a babysitter to someone who acts like a child.

Who’d have dealt with someone who thinks that walking away is the best answer to heal all the wounds? If love is true, then, it must be endless; it can stand the test of time.

12:28AM – I am still typing, while the LED lighting of my smartphone is blinking amber. Wait, do I need to recharge it? Not, yet. Keep on typing, Sam. My dear readers, please let me. This is the only way where I can find myself. I need to find myself, I am lost. If only I can talk to anyone who can make me feel better, I will. But I exceeded my unlimited call’s normal terms of usage, and this is my last option.

Whenever I hear such things, I tend to be silent until the words sink in to me. Holding a grudge isn’t right, that is what my father always tell me. If you want to live a peaceful life, set things free. All right, so as of now, I already cleared my mind in preparation of the moving on process. You are an avid reader of my blogs if you remember this line from me, “If someone throws you a stone, throw back a bread, instead.” It really is painful and inappropriate to hear one-shot bullet of words from the lips of an angel. And knowing that the reason behind your being tactless are the same reasons of your old arguments.

They say, past is senseless. But for me, past is the connection between the present and the past present. If you say that past is not important, then, there could be no time at all or time is not passing by; the earth is not rotating on its axis and it is not revolving around the sun.

No one would say “I miss you” to someone they just bump into a street in their first meeting. No one would reminisce the old, good times. Am I making sense here? If there is no past connection between two persons, there is no ‘missing you’ at all. So, past matters. Long live, Marshall Matthers.

12:43AM – I turned on my air-conditioning system, in exchange of my electric fan.

As far as I can remember, this is the first time that I got busted on blogging per pressure, or, if not, maybe the third or fourth?

12:47AM – I am supposed to be blogging, directly. Go direct to the point, Sam!

Well, thank you. Thank you for interfering with me. I know I am not perfect. There are things that I can’t help but argue with you. You already know the reasons why. Then, again, if it’s for the best, let’s go for a change, or let me find myself and admit my faults. At this point in time, I already did and I prayed for us. You even seemed to misinterpret that, again. I am so sorry. Man, I cannot blame you, eh? If it is not because of my being childlike, moody, jealous, argumentative, we would’t fall of that issue between a world-class concert and a concert for all. Yes, we differ. MUSIC has a deeper meaning to me, or not to you? It comes from the heart and not for mere entertainment. Howdy? How ridiculous it is to lose our nerves for an excellent and renowned artist worldwide to a babe who is just getting there to the arena and make music for LOL? I hate it when I argue with you. Because when I do, I get a personal attack, in return. Whenever I critic the people you idolize, I just got a bad back. Sorry, please forgive me. I didn’t mean them. You know the reasons why.

That’s why I am loosening the belt. You have your time, go find your happiness, and fight for it! Even if it would cause you a dime, why not? Even if I would be the dime, why not? Spades, tsk tsk…

Remember that the only reason why we’ve been going through this over and over is because of our ineffective delinquent solutions. I messed up, you messed up so we cut the rope. Sobresaliente!

1:01AM – May you have a peaceful sleep, dear friend. Thanks for your consideration. I need a rest, too.

(Dear readers, I’ll get back to you soon, I promise. Thank you for dropping by. Salamat sa pagdamay!)

by: Samantha C. De Guzman