City of Pines Day 1: Camp John Hay 📷🌲

Talk about summer vacations.

In our case, we belong to those who, hurriedly, moved pace due to a sudden appointment. Afterall, it’s no longer summer. The rainy season has started, yes. Yet, we, still, call this “summer vacation” as it covered the remaining days before another school year starts.


We were unstoppable. Since Baguio City is a mountainside of homes and nominal skyscrapers, walking and climbing are parts of normal day-to-day activities. If you’re a workout junkie, the slopes can add to your routine. Oh, thank you! My muscles hadn’t, fully, recovered, yet, from my intense routine the other day.

My sister Shiella and my cousin Jesmin. Say “Hi” to them!

Like I said, “walking” because it’s part of everyone’s lifestyle here. Riding cabs could be impractical. And walking is fun, of course!

The city was in a drizzling condition when we arrived. It reminded me of Forks, Washington, D.C.

Flowers do bloom.

Cabs passed by but we didn’t care.

Finally, we’re in Camp John Hay. It was my first time to hiking at night. I had to admit, it’s better this time ’cause there are few who gather around here.

Another cousin, Mellyjoy (Jesmin’s sister), our tour guide.

By the way, Mellyjoy is a Tourism graduate from one of Baguio’s renowned learning institutions.

Please give these two the applause they needed.

Starlight, star bright. We need light for the night.

Warily, we were thinking of where to dine.

This was one of the photos where we utilized improvised camera flash (two phones use their LED flash to create a vibrant and balanced lighting) held by two efficient “kuno” assitants.

That was me. I got bullied a lot of times by my sister because I was too selfless to take everyone’s photo. When my turn comes, she, jokingly, leaves.

More photos are coming. Baguio City is not your ordinary place for escape. For what reason? Well, I hope the blog posts will answer that.  🙂✌🏻

Thanks for dropping by!