‘Sweetest Thing’

The sweetest thing I heard today was when Pops said, “I am happy that you’re happy.”, randomly, at suppertime.

He looked me straight in the eye and smiled.

“Thank you, Papa.” Then, I was dazed to discover how my father could fathom the real feeling I have inside.



Mondays with Sam

Let’s be honest. I didn’t have the intent to blog these days. Today was an exception and I didn’t even think twice of doing it. So, please consider this as my medium of voicing out my inner thoughts and feelings.

Hello there! I, always, thought Mondays are full of plans to be executed. The buzz and clutter of stuffs, the aroma of brewed coffee, the sudden urge to walk doubly fast, and the thought of acing anything keep Mondays alive.

That was before. Yes, that was before. In fact, I began to accept that every day is a Monday for me months ago.

Now, I kind of miss the feeling of Mondays. There are no more crisp pages to hold, no more mandatory coffee and breakfast at 6:30 in the morning, no more baths afterwards, and no more same things for the same time. All I have these days are planned uncertainties, organized miniature of chaos, and frequent wishes of social interaction.

Consider me as a busy bee for six consecutive months. During the last month of it, I was, totally, drained, so I took off for a month. The next months forced me to continue living the same way I did but something inside me wanted to try the things I hadn’t done before or to finish my activities half-baked. In the end, I chose the latter. I tried to compensate for my losses and did, exactly, what I would have done were it not for Law schooling.

Until I found something, completely, different from what I used to do before. This was even contrary to the kind of person I am. I was forced to be an actress, instantly, and in the cheapest way possible. No, in the hardest way possible because it’s the sort of thing I couldn’t imagine doing. I am putting it this way ’cause I want to keep it as a riddle that no one can answer. And, this role come close to being a “world-changer”. To their point of view, it is, but as to me, I see the monotony of it. I can’t see myself flourishing there.

The thing is, I gave so much to ace this. I invested my whole time for more than a month, spent few couple pennies to meet the criteria, shed some sacrifices, and continued to shed everything at once. Well, these are the things that make me stay, notwithstanding, the truth that I don’t, really, see myself pursuing this path. At least, I have to make the most for the return of our investments. But my heart begs me to listen to her and fight for what I, really, want…to traverse through the journey I was on before. Every stage I passed must be a success to me, as it is what it was supposed to be, but this world’s definition of success penetrates deep to me like a wound.

I guess, no success in this world can ever make someone happy if this success is not the person’s own definition. That way, he is living to consume, not consuming to live.

So, going back to Mondays, my every day was a complete challenge to live up to the changes I was suffered to do. Yes, all of them hit me bull’s eye! I supposed one day would come that I have to re-live my usual Mondays.

For now, these are the things I need to do. It takes a lot of courage and perseverance to be the person I am today, but, at least, I am breathing onto the next Mondays that will, absolutely, change me in the most amazing ways. ❤

“It takes a lot of courage and perseverance to be the person I am today, but, at least, I am breathing onto the next Mondays that will, absolutely, change me in the most amazing ways. <3”



Hello there! It’s official: Rainy season has started in PH. How’s everyone around the globe doing? The last two weeks put me into a real hectic schedule. I started writing for Beauty Meets Fashion situated in London, UK. This was my debut article. As much as I want to maximize my introduction, I am so excited to bring this to you! Please don’t forget to click link where this post was originally published. Xoxo. :* 

Rain, rain, go away, come, again, another day. Seriously, don’t you like sizzling these droplets of heaven while wearing your perfect overall? Cheer up, Girl! We’ve got a bounty of playful and colorful surprises for you, perfect for this seemingly-gloomy-rainy-season. Maybe you’ll reconsider singing this nursery rhyme anymore and teach your younger sibling to sing, instead.

Hair is every girl’s crowning glory. Once in a while, it becomes damp due to occasional moistures, or it could be caused by running away from the rain because you declined granny’s offer of her own umbrella. Later on, tangled hair gives you an eerie feeling, which, later on, forces you to take a second or third bath. No problem. Here are few solutions:

  1. Hair Brush

Start ditching the rule of No combing when your hair is wet. With this brush, you can comb your hair without leaving strands on the floor. Due to its gentle bristles, kiss the knots and tangles goodbye without much pain.

http://beautybay.com/haircare/thewetbrush/wetbrushsugarskull/The Wet Brush Sugar Skull comes in three colors: Purple Rose, Red Rose, and White Rose. ‘Guess you’d be ready to attend Mexico’s Day of the Dead and meet your own James Bond after using this brush? Absolutely!

  1. Moisturizing Hair Conditioner

Consider using hair conditioners. When your hair is wet, it becomes more porous and prone to breakage. It needs extra moisture to protect itself from the stress it will take upon towel-drying. No one likes having frizzy hair after drying which results to hair fall. Chill. This is where moisturizing conditioner steps in – stress will be reduced due to the low friction. However, before attempting to use one, you should consider your hair type: Is it oily or dry? Remember that too much conditioner will damage your hair so use it only when necessary.

http://beautybay.com/haircare/sachajuan/moisturizingconditioner/Sachajuan offers a conditioner suitable for detangling to prevent further breakage. After a single wash, your hair becomes smoother, softer, and silkier. With Sachajuan, dismiss those haunting thoughts and flaunt that gorgeous hair, Girl!

  1. Styling Shimmer Spray

You’ve, always, heard what they say: “Celebrities can have it, but we can’t.” Didn’t Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Sarah Jessica Parker blow your mind when they walked on that red carpet with their gloriously, shiny hair? Well, not only them. Not only them, I repeat. Of course, you, too, can glister and rock the streets of style without heading to expensive salons.

http://beautybay.com/haircare/wellaprofessionals/eimishimmerdelight/Wella Professional’s Eimi Shimmer Delight takes you to a whole new trend of an after-finish effect, while keeping your hair UV rays-protected. Don’t forget to add this to your collection because it’s specially crafted to reduce your frizzy hair problems. So whenever you feel like going out, bring your spray out and rock the streets! Or even the red carpet.

  1. Hair Food Supplement

Now that you have the essentials to properly take care of your hair, improve your diet. Food intake plays a high role in your hair development so cut on spicy, salty, highly-processed, and all that unhealthy foods. Munch on a vegan diet and increase your protein-rich foods intake, instead. To revitalize hair growth, back it up with supplements: Vitamin A, also known as retinol, is an antioxidant which chiefly functions to promote eye health. However, it also helps produce sebum, an oil secreted by the scalp, to keep the hair moisture; Vitamin C, on the other hand, helps in building collagen, a long-chain amino acid and basic form of protein responsible for giving skin elasticity and hair strength; and Vitamin D, which functions as a hormone produced by the body from cholesterol when skin is exposed in sunlight, aids in preventing nutrient deficiency linked in having hair loss. Usually, people who live far from the equator have the high risks of Vitamin D deficiency without them knowing. But all hopes are not down for you if you lack one of these vitamins.


Hairburst’s Vitamin for Hair Growth gives you a month of supply, enriched with Vitamins A, C, and D, and minerals to compensate for inevitable vitamin loss. Since it’s formulated with all-natural ingredients, worry no more from artificials. If you’re a forgetful chick, this supplement can pardon you for not taking your daily dose of Vitamin C or A. Rescue yourself from your wildest dream of traveling in South Korea, Japan, Greenland, or any country far from the equator without compromising perks of sunlight – Vitamin D. Travel and conquer the world, Girl! Hairburst got your back!

Truly enough, your crowning glory drifts through monsoon seasons: every now and then, your high school friends would not mind the drizzles and meet you up at a nearby café (‘cause they hate naps and all that gloomy mood swings); your mom would, sweetly, ask you to wash up your li’l sissy or bro; or you would, constantly, decline your granny’s umbrella (due to the fact that non-foldable umbrellas are not so handy and they don’t add up to your porma). During these occasional drifts, your hair gets wet, which forces you take the shower more often. But since you’ve, already, learned dealing with minor problems, maybe you’d, really, stop singing the nursery rhyme to drive the rain away. Why not sing, “If all the rain drops were lemons drops and gum drops, oh, what a rain that would be!” Yes, you can sing with me and ‘tis the rainy season with these products!

(This is an original post from Beauty Meets Fashion)


Why Not?

You dream of becoming an astronaut? 👩🏻‍🚀Go, because WHY NOT? You want to be a lawyer? 👨‍⚖️Go, because WHY NOT? You want to be a public servant? 👮🏻Go, because WHY NOT?
Let us not be defined by how people see us. After all, their vision and opinion would not matter when we go around flying with zero gravity, defend a thousand people with ease, and serve our hometown 24/7. Nothing we do is ever useless for the Lord! (1 Corinthians 15:58).

Ilford HP5 / Why Not


Human Rights, are you there?

An old photo. Back to the days when I tried nail polishes for the first time. The photo speaks for itself. Human Rights, I think, has to say a lot here. The focal point of little things is the focal point of life.

You could just imagine my sigh of relief as I wrote the last word in our Human Rights take-home exam. Law students have this struggle of non-stop writing, manually. We must equip ourselves with good handwriting, cursive, and of course, legible. Bar examinations is old school: composition notebook, 0.5 black or blue sign pen, and your calligraphy/cursive handwriting. I still remember in the past few days when I was literally having a painful hand for the continuous writing in Labor Law final exam. Notwithstanding the foregoing requirements, you also have to be speedy enough to meet the set standard of time. In that case, we were allotted only two hours for 23-item or set of questions. It would be more appropriate to call it “set of questions” because one item includes five sub-questions, so from the moment you answered the first one, your hand begins shaking and running for time. The first hour had passed and I was still on the first page of the test question, that was, around the sixth or seventh question so I needed to speed up more and think more quickly. Until then, that I finished writing second to my classmates. Ideally, now, you have to train yourself in answering questions brief and concisely and faster than the average. Bar exams put more pressure so you have to be on the look-out.

The following morning, I was on my superhuman mode of waking up at dawn to start reviewing. I was in a rush from the previous examinations and due to the fortuitous event that transpired our province. At 9AM, I was sitting comfortably at the Law library with two annotated books at hand and a notebook for my reviewer. The transgressor in me wanted to sleep and end my scheduled “continuous” review, but I fought the urge. After the exam, we were all in awe so we ate and roamed until we no longer can feel the pressure of the next class. For all intents and purposes, we still have Agrarian Law class in the afternoon leaving us six hours vacant from our last exam. In between our breaks, most of what we did was chitchat and capture moments of our insanity. Man, we couldn’t absorb information anymore! The time now has come to go back to our supposed room for Agrarian Law. We waited and acted like a sane person, but our actions would prove otherwise. Law students have their own outlets and you can distinguish them from other members of the society outside its sphere. Until we got that update that our professor was not coming. Oh, no! What a wasted “un-wasted time”!

I wrote this blog for the very purpose of ending my prolonged agony in this Human Rights exam. From postponed exam to a take-home exam, I sure did passed different enigmas just to finish off this one. And before I finally pass this composition notebook later, I wanted to make a history of posting my gratitude of this subject which has made me liberal, yet, calculative of every rights of individuals across the globe. With the last question in our exam, “Considering all the foregoing query, what, then, is human rights?”, I wrote like a full-grown justice. LOL

“Human Rights is an overview of human life. Considering all the query, it is more than a piece of paper but a slice of the whole cake of humanity. It exists in the littlest of things that man cannot encumber upon for it is the very essence of his world. Statutes may be enacted, Constitution may be reprimanded, but these universal rights, like water, must be as universal as the solvent to protect not only individuals from a certain place, but everyone without distinction or discrimination. This entitles a person to his freedom from the world’s static disturbance or dominion over himself. Human Rights, again, then, is an overview of human life.” (Subject to copyright. The above text cannot be used without proper citation from the author of this blog)

In sum, I believe we all have the right to leisure under Art. 24 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Perforce, this entitles me to write this blog, as writing is a daydream, to wee the exhaustion I had from answering the exam, just as how we acted insanely after our nerve-wrecking exams in Labor Law and Phil. Law on Natural Resources.

Ora et Labora! Thank You, Lord, for affording me Your Wisdom and Knowledge to battle all these out.

Thank you, readers. Thank you, WLAN connection. If this posted, I am more than blessed because the promo I availed is about to lapse.

by: Samantha C. De Guzman


Why First Love Never Dies



(Photos from The Notebook movie, 2004)

“The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. And that’s what you’ve given me. That’s what I’d hoped to give you forever…”

 – Noah Calhoun, The Notebook

Nicholas Sparks

Not only does first love, but also true love never dies! I couldn’t believe how miracles happen because of two persons having the best feeling in the world. No matter how hard or worst situations become, or how far the two people is away from one another, love remains constant and also grows.

There are a lot of times I cried with all my heart as I put myself in the shoes of Mrs. Allie Calhoun, the former Miss Allie Hamilton. Whenever I watch films, I always see to it that I am the protagonist. I am the protagonist in whatever situation that may seem so I really felt that spectacular feeling to be with the one I love, whom I can share my life with. And how life-changing it is to be away from him for years but the love still goes on…

How I love romance stories, esp. those of Nicholas Sparks! Tragic, yet, unconditional. I wouldn’t think twice if those kinds of love still exist nowadays because I admit to being a witness to them – my mom and dad’s unconditional love. Moreover, I knew it. Now that I am eighteen years of age, I already found my own…my only first and true love. First love and true love have been widely discussed in all forms by people in different walks of life. What is really true or when does one really ends? But for me, both go along with one another. That, you can’t call it “love” if it was never true. Just think about the logic. You must not call it “love” if it didn’t exist or you must know it only when you found it at the second time in a different person. Whatever your views are, I believe that first love is true…or LOVE is true.

Today marks the eleventh month of our love. We may have gone through our separate ways for peculiar reasons, as I’ve said, these cannot impede the love that we have. Like Noah and Allie, our youth was one of the best time of our lives. This was when we first laid eyes on one another; when we first felt the ecstatic moments of being in love and when we first learned how to wipe each others’ tears every time the world could seem crashing, too.

He was my first love – the only man who could make me laugh when I am bursting out of anger. He was my bodyguard – who protects me in from all intents and purposes. He was my best buddy – all the days of our lives can’t pass without us, eating together or talking silly little things. He was my diary – when days or nights become richer or fuller, I wrote to him through his heart. We may be far away from each other every night, our senses are present while the moon up above is gleaming to us. Finally, he was, he is and he will be my forever ONE, TRUE LOVE. 11 months and still counting, GOD is our witness. Decades will past but our love for each other will last.

It’s a miracle, then, how this (The Notebook) movie had made me realize how blessed I am to have him in my life. Now, I think, I got the greatest gift! He is my treasure, my life’s only wish. I would forever love and cherish him. We would continue venturing to our MORE than forever journey.

You want to join us? Watch the movie, first, and be amazed how pure, kind and patient love is! Thanks. 🙂

(To my one true love, happy 11th! Sorry for the times that you feel I seem too far away. You know I am just so close to you, listening to the beating of your heart. No days or nights had passed that you didn’t cross my mind. We may have fought and will still fight, but always remember that our love is the strongest among all! Stay tough, my love. Love endures. Love waits. Love lasts. And love will keep us alive! Ha-Ha!)

by: Samantha C. De Guzman