Korean Food Haus (e.g. Gimbap, Ramen, etc.)

Last week, I had to battle the blazing sun with only an umbrella. As usual, I wasn’t alone. I was with my ever-supportive and generous sister.

“Are you sure we’re eating there?” I was doubtful, though, I’m a fan of KDramas.

“Surely, you’re gonna like the food.” Not minding the heat, we crossed the pedestrian line.


I was surprised that the owner himself was watching over his own resto. Number 6, it was.

Nothing much fancy. Korean Food Haus is more of a “eat-to-go” restaurant (LOL! Was that even a word? Sorry).

Chopsticks! Because I am not ashamed to admit I don’t know how to use one, there you go. You, already, knew it by now. #FactsAboutMe

Didn’t we look too hungry?

Gimbap! Gimbap! Soon as the Gimbap was served, doubly, I was thinking if a piece tastes as good as it looks.

By the way, these fried dumplings are miiiiiiiiiine!

The Kimchi which I least like. No, I am not a fan of Kimchi. So my sister had to consume two servings.

Two is better than one. 

Simple flatlay of my meal.

“I want more Gimbap!” exclaimed by my sister.

Proof. Poof!

Melona Ice Cream for dessert. One of the best ice creams I’ve ever tasted. Thanks, Sissy, for supporting me with desserts.

Happy kid, I am.

There would have been more photos of this day, but some memories are captured, only, by the heart. Korean food, it was, it’s better than I thought. Part of me hopes that this is a goodbye to my prejudices for cuisines other than Filipino or American. Welcome to my universal-not-discriminating-taste-buds! 👏🏻😂 And yeah, thank you, Shiella and Inang Carling.