A Blur from the Past

You could get used to a life where there is no ME. You could get used to a life where mem’ries are just a blur from the past. But I hope that you’ll also get used to me thinking that maybe someday, you never considered doing such things.

by: Samantha C. De Guzman




What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

When do you start forgetting? Burying yourself in the past is what confuses you because you aren’t certain if it’s no use or not, or it’s just that acceptance takes a long time before you learn and move on.

Falling in love is an enigma. You never know when and to whom you will fall in love with. Just imagine a lightning when it strikes…there is no specific place that you know where will it land. Yet, you know there’s a lightning coming because of the thunderstorm. Like love, I don’t believe it’s the lovers who are blind. Neither nor, love is blind. In the first place, how are you going to say that love is a learning process if the senses are not present? Does learning only involve a mere affection without the perspiration?

Now I say, LOVERS are not blind and LOVE is not blind. You fall in love with a person because you truly love him, nothing more and nothing less. Well, if there’s something more, the affection increases because of the qualities he possess that you like the most. Whether they are accepted by the society or not, which give you the perception that you are blind for falling in love with it, it’s still your choice. And we all have our own choices in life!

Love is NOT VAGUE for it opens you to a new, bright world where you’ve never been to. It’s a paradise where happiness and sorrow both exist. We all hear of love’s sugary joys or bittersweet memories. The only difference between these romances is the way how two people deal with the conflicts that make them stronger and closer. Am I making sense here?

To make things clear, the parameters I set are for two people who love each other. They say love is a two-way street or it involves Mutualism. It may or may not be appropriate to use mutualism because of the idea of benefiting each other, it’s still apt for me to say that love is an interaction between two people, not three or four…and so on and so forth.

Above I mentioned about forgetting, and yes, it still confuses me how the past interferes with the present. What’s more painful than seeing the least people who has been a part of your significant other’s life? I mean, when you remember the conversations they had and the songs they used to sing, weren’t those an excruciating pain in the stomach?

What changes you is how you see things or people now. It’s a whole new world, really, because you tend to block these images in your life and if chances come that they appear to you, again, memories flash back like another storm casting its demolition to a crying hut. Does it happen to you, too? No matter how you try forgetting, there’s always this unbearable urge pulling you back to it and silently killing you?

I am not blaming myself for over-thinking things. If I stop fixing this, I would go back to the same issue over and over and I don’t want to regret in the end for not making an action. And the only way I know which will lessen the burden is by bringing it up again and again until all things are made clear to me and questions raised will be answered honestly and wisely.

Emotional security does a big part in this two-way street. You woke up in the morning and you thank God for the Good News – you are alive! The next thing you do is look at your cellphone and there’s a message which reads: “Good morning, beautiful! Wake up to a wonderful morning and have the nicest day! I love you.” It’s not just about the words, actually; it’s about the thought of sending the message and making the receiver smile early in the morning.

Let me ask you now. If love is an enigma, how do you deal with it? Like life, it is. But life has a beginning and an end, so is not love. For love is eternal. If forgetting is accepting, how do you it? Because accepting is devastating, like a storm, it destroys you and make you homeless. Are you ready to give up everything and be a beggar for the sake of forgetting?

Here is my plea. Please hear me.

by: Samantha C. De Guzman