(Quoted from the book of Sirach, chapter 27, verses 11-15. A daily dose of Good News for the renewal of our faith and for the correction of our human mistakes.)

“When devout people talk, what they say always makes sense, but foolish people are always contradicting themselves. When you find yourself with stupid people, look for some excuse to leave, but when you are with serious-minded people, stay as long as you can.

The stories that foolish people tell are offensive, and they make jokes about the worst kinds of sin. When such people curse, it is enough to make your hair stand on end, and when they start arguing among themselves, all you can do is to stop up your ears. It is painful to listen to them insult each other, and such blistering can lead to violence.”


Be Afraid…Don’t.

“I tried to save all these tears the whole day but I think it’s time that I pour out the rain from a heavy cloud. This phenomena woke me up to my tiniest nerve, and suddenly, I didn’t care about everyone else. All I care about is YOU. We have surpassed too many trials and this one will never tear us down – we are like a single strand. Take my hand, darling. I will carry all your burdens with HIM.”

by: Samantha C. De Guzman