“The things you hear about me are hand-me-down information. They deteriorate by the spell of time or by who delivers them. But if you want brand new ones, you can speak straight to me. Maybe you would even offer to buy them. Sorry, they are NOT FOR SALE.”

by: Samantha C. De Guzman



Thoughts in Random (TO A BALANCED LIFE)


Hello, world! All the while I was thinking how lucky I am to wash tons of plates today. Yes, I am a dishwasher, as of this day. My kin were here, awhile back, so I ain’t got a choice but to run errands, esp. in the kitchen. So while I was washing, I was thinking of blogging these random thoughts running on my mind. What’s more satisfying than having your ideas posted, then, being shared worldwide? Besides, they may seem ‘ordinary’ but I am sure of that this will be a help, maybe not now, but someday, they will. Let’s just take the LOGIC. Why would I blog them if they aren’t relevant, huh? They do make sense. I love much ado about nothing. And if you really wanted to have a balanced life, these may help a little:

1. “No matter how perfect the day is, it always has to end.”Edward Cullen, Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Maroon 5 in Payphone also serenades that even how scenic and fascinating the sunset is, it has to end. Paradise is not an exception. And to think that paradise is somewhat orthodox, you can’t make the impossible necessary. As for my case, I had to be happy at the end of the day. No matter how long I have been doing the dishes, they will be finished, too. If the day is ending, another day is welcoming.

2. Gather your thoughts under the moonlight.

Only when you are up to organized places, you will think of random, useful things. It is believed that a person perceives more during twilight. Give time for yourself and enjoy your own company. Inspiration is the mother of perspiration. Look at me now. I gathered my ideas while I was…(okay, I am being redundant) washing the dishes, twilight time.

3. Shake the dust off.

Less dust, less work. Be snappy at all times. When a small thing causes a disorder, make the necessary move. You wouldn’t want cleaning the whole room if you can clean a certain portion which makes it dirty.

4. Express yourself, even if it causes a heartburn!

Expressive people find it easy to release their emotions. Shout! But if you are indoors, it is better to write what first comes to your mind. Later on, you’ll laugh off the irrelevance of them. That’s what anger makes you. We all have our own ways to anger management. Some do sing, while others are violent that they hit things or people. Whatever the case may be, just make sure that you are not bumping into someone.

5. Be patient, no matter what.

Empty your mind, first. Then let the happy thoughts flow. Even if you walk a million miles, you will bear the sweetest and biggest of all fruits!

6. It is better not to use a bookmark in reading a novel or book.

I am writing via experience that whenever I use a bookmark, I always tend to stop and postpone my reading. You may call it extrinsic motivation, but when bookmarks can’t be located, you will be forced to try to finish what you are reading.

7. Don’t give in to disappointments.

If you are at the verge of fury, breathe through your eyes. When you give in, another set of blows will attack you. Always see the positive side of anything. We all fall into disappointments but they make us stronger. The key is, don’t give up!

8. Solve Math problems, daily.

Whether you are a Math geek or not, dedicate a part of your leisure to solving Math problems. They may tease you or make you giggle…or, make you the most fulfilled man when you solved a problem. To make it easy, ask for a help with someone who’s good at them. This will remind you that problems always have solutions from A-Z!

9. Remember: Horror films, when watched a lot of times, are more terrifying.

Believe me or not, when you watch Insidious or The Conjuring a lot of times, it will be stuck on your head 50% more and more. At nighttime when you find it hard to fall asleep, scary thoughts scatter the room and haunt you! I know this because I am shutting the windows now and I don’t want to peer in outside. Just so you know, the windowpane is just beside me and I finished watching Insidious for seven times! Beware.

10. Remember: He is not your text mate; he is your boyfriend.

Most relationships fail because of this. Women, at the period of intimacy expect more from men. On the contrary, men at courtship expect a lot from women. So there is a clash. For women, I advise that you lessen your expectations. Seasons change. You cannot let him text you every minute of the day. For as long as he’s not ignoring you, just be more patient. He’ll appreciate you for your consideration. On the other hand, I’d say that men be more sensitive to us, women. We hunger for love and affection. Only when you show us that you give your full time to us, we will feel loved and appreciated. But of course not! That’s not possible. Make your own ways of showing us that we are forever remembered.

That would be all for tonight. More random thoughts to come! Thank you for visiting. 🙂

by: Samantha C. De Guzman