“Catch-A-Va” (CASSAVA Cakes Freshly Pressed)

Carbohydrates are “energy-providers.” They sustain our body the energy we needed most in performing daily activities. Cassava, or commercially known as tapioca, is a good source of carbohydrates. It has the biggest amount of starch among root crops like sweet potato, white potato, goayam and purple yam, with almost 34 percent k/cal.

And to make cassavas even more tasty and advancing, cassava cakes are wisecracks! They are perfect for snacks in mid-afternoon or in any time of the day!

Thanks, mom, for these delightful, little cakes.
“Bite with me.” I am lovin’ the layers shown here.
Cassava from the HEART!

I suggest Cassava Cakes as part of your snacks, daily. If you are a cook and you want to make your own cakes, then that’s better! Just don’t forget to share them with me, please. Ha-Ha.

That would be all. Happy “Catch-A-Va” day to you!

by: Samantha C. De Guzman