Bad Run

Some of you might be asking why I titled this, “Bad Run”. Incidentally, the rain poured while we were taking a break from our supposed “afternoon jog” after a warm-up.

The day was perfect to sweat out anything that has been holding me. In the morning we planned to come here, but we were implicated because of errands that must be done, immediately. As usual, my sister, my partner in crime, my side-kick in any journey, was with me. We hit the road at past 3PM to get a glimpse of some sunlight or we’ll be running on a dark alley.

Toe-touch, high knees, consecutive running up and down the stairs for 40 seconds on and off, until we got down from the bleachers to finally get to the real game: jogging! Jogging is a good way to sweat and to be fit. It’s a simple cardio workout, if you’re into it, and it helps you endure hard and/or excessive physical activities. Plus, your heart rate is also trained for normalcy. Just be sure to cool down after the jog and drink water.

So, yeah, of course, journeys are incomplete without photographs! You could get used to me and my sister’s great eye for photography. As of the moment, we’re into macro shots and black and white ones – the latter was mine because she still, yet, has no appreciation for it.

I WAS GUILTY AS CHARGED. For months I have been planning to come here but school activities were eating up most or all of my time for case digest. That’s why I was so thankful for this 3-day semestral break because I was able to do what I want before I delve myself, again, into 3 major exams starting November 5.

There are more photos to come and I decided to divide them into sections as they would visualize more our small journeys in a single afternoon!

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by: Samantha C. De Guzman



Inside the Paint

“Drop the HEAT! Oh, no, PACE be with you. Don’t SPUR me.”

Credits to National Basketball Association Logos.
Credits to National Basketball Association Logos.

(Thanks to Mr. Bernard Joseph De Leon, I changed the blog title from “Back to the Basics” to “Inside the Paint.”)

The lights are well-off, and people nag at you to rescue their own team; some do bully and speculate one another. I don’t think that just keeps you to be “IN” with this National Basketball Association fever! I, myself, has no affiliations with that basketball bandwagon or in any sport, even if my boyfriend is a basketball player (FOR SHOUTING OUT LOUD!). I am no sporty chickie, no sickie.

To those who don’t have the slightest idea what’s going on their TV screen, except them knowing how to read scores and feeling determined to crank up the other people on both team, well, they are certainly just like ME. To those who know only a few things to where it originated for that PE bluff quiz, they are just like ME. To those who team up with their father and fight for what team he’s on, they are like ME. To those who just laugh and feel happy whenever they won, that’s ME.

This is NO big deal, really, and I don’t give a wreck to the coalitions happening promptly on Facebook, Twitter, etc. “Check yourself before you wreck yourself.” How I like this line of Jade from The Abandon Trilogy by Meg Cabot. Now, I am evaluating myself to how fanatic I am of basketball leagues and the answer is, “Not that much.” or “It’s okay. You switch on the TV, I’ll watch with you.”

Basketball plays a big part on the hearts of Filipinos. It’s more than a wishing well that all impossibles can be possible. If there is a will, there is a way; if there is a time, there is that star player who can shoot the ball in any way that he can. I know, this is very general in my own sense and I am not ashamed of my instincts on how I see this sport. Actually, in every game, I do receive updates via text messages, and I do admit the fact that I am also igniting the heat when our father-and-daughter’s-team is playing well on that quarter. Sometimes, I converse with my few friends who have deeper knowledge and passion about basketball and…boooooom! I am already enlightened and pissed with the other team’s allegations, something like that.

Dear peeps,  I am Samantha C. De Guzman, and I am proud of what I know about basketball. 

Maybe it is a big question why I wrote this, yet, I am welcoming everyone with a break! Now that I am back here on WordPress, let’s just be cool for the meantime and enjoy our lives. Break the ice, dude!

by: Samantha C. De Guzman