“WORD WAR” Thursday

“Words came from ideas; from words, thoughts are formed into sentences. Sentences make a paragraph. When put together, paragraphs become a story. From a story, we make books. And books stir up philosophies. Philosophies constitute life. Life, then, is a brainchild of ideas!”

by: Samantha C. De Guzman


Oh, Envelopes!


There’s a story behind these envelopes.
Place: Binmaley, Sari-Sari Store beside BOTICA ARENAS
Time: around 2:30PM

I was badly in need of an envelope.Dumaan ako sa may sari-sari store na katabi ng BOTICA ARENAS sa Binmaley. Nagtanong ako kung may envelope silang benta.

“Anong envelope? BISHESEMBELOP?” Tanong ng wari ko’y may-ari na matandang lalaki. Ako na bihira bumili ng envelope at bihira rin mag-mail ay nag-aalinlangan, lalo na’t hindi ko gaanong maintindihan ang sinabi nila. Kaya para hindi ko na ipaulit at hindi sila ma-offend, sabi ko, “Iyong ginagamit po para mag-mail ng sulat.”

Umaasa akong plain white or air mail envelope ang ibibigay ay hindi ako sigurado kung ano ang gagamitin kaya nagawi na rin ako doon dahil ‘yong sari-sari store na ‘yon ang pinakamalapit na tindahan o bilihan sa post office ng Binmaley.

“BISHEMBELOP NGA!” Wikang galit ng matanda at tanging sagot ko na lang ay “Iyon po.” Sa oras na yaon ay medyo napreskuhan ako pero hinayaan ko na lang. Ang importante ay makabili ako.

Pag-abot ng envelope, inabot ko na rin ang limang na bayad ko sapagkat dalawang piso ang isa. “Bishembelop ito.” Siguro ang ibig nilang sabihin ay ‘business envelope.’ Nagtanong ako kung meron sila noong isa pang klase na air mail envelope. Sabi nila, oo, meron daw. Pagbigay nila sa akin n’on, itinapon sa harap ko piso na sukli ko at sinabing:


“Pasensya na po. Eh, ngayon lang po kasi ako susulat at bibili ng envelope.” Naisip ko kung ano ang koneksyon ng balarila doon. Nais kong sabihin na pumunta ako doon para magtanong na rin kung ano ang mas mainam gamitin sa pag-ma-mail ng sulat dahil may ibang istrikto pagdating doon. Hindi naman masamang magbakasakali, ‘di ba? Ngunit ganoon ang makuha kong pagtrato sa kanila kaya tumahimik na lang ako. Dagdag pa nila,

“Itinuturo ito sa Elementary…” pagmamalaki at pangangaral nila sa akin na para bang wala akong natutunan sa aking elementarya at sila ay napakaedukadong tao. Sabi ko, “Hindi po kasi itinuro sa amin ito noong Elementary.” Hindi ko na napigilang sagot ng may pagpapakumbaba at respeto. Aalis na sana ako para ‘wag na pansinin pero parang ayaw gumalaw ng paa ako hanggang sa matapos kong sabihin ito.

Pagdidiin pa nila, “MAHINA KAYO SA GRAMMAR. MAY BISHEMBELOP, AIR MAIL, BROWN, GAN’ON…” Makalipas ang ilang minuto, andoon pa rin ako at hindi makaalis sa kinatatayuan ko na tila bang batid kong napahiya ako.

Inisip ko na lang na wala rin akong mapapala kung makikipag-argumento pa ako sa isang matanda na ayaw din paniwalaan ang sinasabi ko. Bulong ko sa sarili ko na hahayaan ko na lang isipin nila kung ano ako o kung bakit hindi ko alam ang kalii-liitang bagay na iyon. Alam ko namang lahat ng tao ay hindi perpekto. May nalalaman ang isa na hindi alam ng iba. Kaya nilisan ko na lang ang tindahan nila at sa may ‘di kalayuan, muli kong tinanaw ang tindahang nagpabago sa araw ko at buhay ko…

(Wow! Imbes na bumili ako doon, nadala na ako. Babalik sana ako sa tindahan. I was on my way to the post office and I could turn back but I thought it wad unethical to return what I sold to them. That was enough. And in case you got there, try niyo ring bumili sa kanila baka nagkakamali lang ako. Envelope din kaya? Tanong ko sa inyo:

Itinuro rin ba ang kinds of envelope sa inyo noong Elementary? Marahil, oo. Pero sa pinanggalingan ko ay hindi. Labing apat na taon na ang nakalipas simula noon at pawang basic lessons ang itinuturo. Nahiya ako sa karunungan nila. Subalit sa kabilang banda ay natuwa ako. It moved my ordinary day. And when I was writing this, someone messaged me on Facebook:

“Sam, may book ka ba sa grammar? Pwede mahiram? Alam mo nang medyo tagilid tayo dyan, eh”.

Ha-ha. Take note, hindi ko pa naipopost itong nobela ko kaso tignan mo kung paano magbiro ang tadhana.

Just in case, teach your child, too, the kinds of envelope para hindi na mapangaralan sa isang sari-sari store.)

( An original post from my Facebook account. I typed this from my tablet and wasn’t that hard to type a long post from a touchscreen device? Sometimes, people brag about what they know and when you don’t know them, they feel so proud. Well, this may not be my first time to encounter situations like this, but I am certain that there are people who are arrogant. And instead of being friendly to their customers (store-owners), they tend to “shoo” buyers because of their unethical approach. This may serve as a lesson to all of us. Whether you are in my case or in that of the case of the vendor. And whoever reads this, I am not after the degradation of the rights or the publicity of the owner. If you are his relative or friend, I am so sorry. THIS IS JUST A WARNING.

Last P.S. I wrote this post on Filipino because I want my countrymen to feel what it is like to be in my situation and I couldn’t think of another way without the real words from our conversation. Thank you!)

by: Samantha C. De Guzman



Madhouse (Untitled) Torn. &^@#.*7655

I asked my male cousin, “How do you mend a broken heart?” Geez! He didn’t seem to be surprised at all. Needless to say, I know the answer, yes. But I am confused.

For two days, I have been trying to compose myself…to clear my mind and to conjure up my thoughts. There were a lot of topics to blog. In fact, I prepared more than 3 outlines and photographs were all ready. Every night, I do check my notifications here on WordPress. Blessed as it is, I am lucky. Thank you for the continuous likes, guys!

But those nights, too, my mind was soaked. Different ideas and doubts were ironically flying through my head. I had a lot to compromise and I was so excited to share happenings in my life, but I couldn’t find the courage to do them, quickly.

This quote I wrote before, “A writer does not write everyday, neither nor he writes every other day; a writer writes on a day beyond his control.” is living my principle. How can I write while my mind has been tied up in knots? Maybe I can, if I try too hard, but eventually, I will be killing myself for that. I need rest, so does sleep. For that, excuse me, Ma’am, for being absent in WordPress class.

“That’s a pretty tough question, cousin. You just have to give yourself a break. I know it’s hard because you lose your attention to what you are doing. And worst, people around you don’t notice it because you are a good clown. Alfred, an experienced lover boy, said it, quickly.

Bingo! He is surely my cousin. “Exactly, cousin. This is hard, though. I can’t focus. Spending my leisure time thinking about it hurts me more.”

As a writer, experience is your friend. Without it, you can’t make your work appealing. Fiction writers, too, got a big house of experience, plus their wide imagination. My point here is, when you write, you write by heart because your mind will follow, accordingly. When you are out of words, do not call Mr. Webster, immediately. Pause. Meditate. Ask for His guidance and the Holy Spirit will usher through your thoughts, like a dawn’s flower blooming in mild dew.

Less often than not, when I get too depressed, I simply write my heart out. This way, I am expressing the feelings I hid a few minutes ago. The other way, I am still attuned to my endless sob while I am writing.

“Distract yourself. Do the things that make you happy,” Alfred suggested in a cool tone.

I remembered what I did the whole day: In the morning, I woke up with the sun smiling at me. The look in my eye is cheerless. “…Lord, thank you for this day. Guide and bless me and my family forever.” After casting a prayer, I didn’t get out my bed, yet. Instead, I think about the whole thing, again and again…

Lunch wasn’t that hard for me. For a few hours, my attempt to go out of the melancholy, succeeded. I hope that lasts until tomorrow…or until more days passed.

Oh, sorry. I have to end the post here…right here. Evening’s fine, though. Goodnight!

Here’s to what my Horoscope said:

“Saturday, May 26, 2012 – Perhaps a practical idea starts as a flash in a dream or even as a persistent daydream. Maybe something catches in the diaphanous web of your imagination, making you feel as if you are recovering a lost treasure from unknown realms. Normally, you are very logical, yet now it’s wise to set aside your need for rationality. Keep open to any messages that come from your subconscious, even if they aren’t understandable right away.” – Twittascope

by: Samantha C. De Guzman


Behind A Blogger’s Life

To be honest with you, this is the last night of our 2-year contract from our Internet service provider. Obviously, I have to make the most out of this ample connection before tomorrow comes out and knocks me off my feet. I have been blogging for over 2 years, too, since we had an Internet connection when I stepped up into college.

I am a certified Internet geek! Every now and then, I check sites that help me inoculate questions on my mind. I sleep late at night and wake up early to use up the thing that keeps me alive…and that is, the Cyber World.

The thing is, when I say “the thing that keeps me alive…” I mean the one that keeps me connected throughout the world. Social Media upgrades and so my passion for writing (via blogs) fastens up, too!

I have signed up and written to numerous blogs before and in fact, I still have them now. My friends or even a few of my consistent readers, were amused to know them because I got to spend my little spare time to do such. I am a college student, taking up Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Political Science.

In my first year, I am looking for my way to do my write-ups and publish them online. By that time, every week in school consumes most of my time, though. Exams, quizzes, projects, practicums and among others are binding every step I make to my schooldays. But still, I am not having a hard time. I get along to being a college student while I also accomplish to being a teenage techie gal.

The same year, I started making my first blog, ever. It was our group blog, actually, and I was the administrator. The captions, the photos, the articles were all made by me. I tried sharing my blog posts on social networking sites and fortunately, I won two to three readers/viewers. Elsewhere, I had more than 5 blog accounts online. Some are for micro-blogging so I have to stay awake, again, all night, even though my classes are as early as 7AM. I still remember it when I slept past 12AM until 3AM, just surfing the Internet and my eyes were burning already. Headaches come and go.

Second year. This is when I became more active to micro-blogging, leaving past my first blog account. I am steering slowly to open my laptop and publish what is happening. I have to say that this is the busiest and time-consuming school year in my college life (and I know that more is about to come). Let me count weekends. I couldn’t even finish up all of the requirements for only two days, with all that urgent deadlines.

However, it came to a point where I missed sharing my life with others. All my thoughts were coming into view and I did not want to let go of them as time passes by. What I meant was, I wanted memories to last a lifetime! It was only a few months ago that I made this blog account on WordPress and I seemed to be enticed to write, again, like a writer with a new pen. The difference between this blog from my first owned one is that, this is personal. I don’t have to worry posting outnumbered articles or photos of mine, not bothered by group things; I write what I like and I post who I am.

Now, I am an incoming Third Year student, already, and I believe that this is a whole different thing from the past years. Why? Because I ought to contend with my major subjects, for the first time! If last school year was already a catching fire to me, not to mention, those were “only” minor subjects, how much more about these major ones? I am not going to kill myself, eh?

A promise is a promise. A devotion is a devotion. Passion is passion.

Still, despite these circumstances to my busy life, I do blog. And I am going to continue doing it until the world stops from spinning (No, please don’t. Ha-Ha). The key is TIME MANAGEMENT. No matter how busy you may seem, find ways to do ten things at one time, if possible. Practically speaking, do not indulge yourself to do only one thing when you can do two.

In my case, they keep on questioning me how in the world I wrote all of these when I am supposed to pass a research paper. The irony of me, I am even feeling relieved when I finish a long blog, than having been tied up to my already finished paperwork. I spend the whole time sitting and waiting for my thoughts to usher continuously so I can type it, all the while, without minding my quizzes for the following day…the thoughts that would, someday, change the world!

Tomorrow, the inter-connective waves from the worldwide web will be gone in an instant. This is also the reason why I wrote this post. I am not saying that I am going to stop blogging because our Internet connection will be gone. No, that will not stay for too long. We have already called a new Internet service provider and if God permits that the surveyors would approve our location (they need to check whether our house is close to the other subscribers for the cable wire), I will be bounded to write for you, dear readers, again. Cross-fingers for that!

I will not stop from blogging. Blogging makes me whole. This is the truth behind my life, as a blogger. I am a blogger by heart…a certified Internet geek!

It’s almost 12AM. For this, I am happy. Goodnight to me, good day to you!

by: Samantha C. De Guzman


Says Lindsey

“YOU ARE NOT WORTH MY EVERYTHING,” says Lindsey, with a pout on her face. After months of having the on-and-off relationship with Patrick, she sure knows what will happen next.

Few minutes ago, while she was typing something for her paper, How To Have A Useful Marketing Strategy, due tomorrow, her friend, Lisa, called. “Oh, dear. I saw your spinach (Patrick) with that hell cat. They are both riding Patrick’s Isuzu…”

Lindsey took that into speculation before. Patrick, going out with another girl named Natasha…Natasha kissing Patrick publicly…both of them directing a show for all, and Lindsey crying over Patrick for being such a fool.

“Lisa, please stop…I can’t, uhm…I know Patrick’s happy with her side, but he loves me, still.”

Lisa chortles a bit. She sort of know that kind of laugh Lisa has when someone mocked her beyond extent.”Seems like he cares, you know? He loves you because you are so messed up believing him despite the distortion he’s causing you; or how about this…he loves you because he’s in for your money?’

The truth about Lisa’s theory hit her. It’s the kind of pain you feel when someone stabs you in the chest, two times a minute, digging deeper and deeper before you knew that you are dying. The soggy, scarlet blood is oozing right through that spot where the knife has beat you.

Do I have to stop the bleeding or let the hemorrhage continue until I no longer feel the pain because I’m already dead asleep?

To be continued…

by: Samantha C. De Guzman