Tired Of the Same Old Line

Hello, everyone! This is just but a short and simple blog. I just want to let you know why I was away from writing here. For almost a month, I was having technical problems with our Internet connection. Laugh at me but I already called more than 30 customer center representatives, all because of same problem – a browser always redirecting to my network service provider’s portal page. And that’s insane, you know? At first, I thought maybe the concern was about our bill but no, man! We don’t have problems regarding the payment. On the same manner, job orders were sent and contractors come and go to our house to check and fix our problem. But what’s happening is useless, let me say this, straightforwardly.

Ssshh…I bet, one reason was also because of the signal coming from their base station. Lucky us, we aren’t that close to the cell site. Okay, for now I’ve already made up my mind. Today, after lunch, my mom and I will be going to their office.

What will you do if your provider isn’t satisfying your needs as a customer? I am being honest about this because a lot of money was wasted about this matter.


P.S. Can you recommend to me the best Internet service provider so we can continue talking here? Thank you!

by: Samantha C. De Guzman