BLACK Valentine’s Day On Board!

White walls, white ceilings, white floors, white tables and white chairs…even this paper is white! My pen is black, too. I find this day repetitive, yet, sort of mysterious. Because first of all, I am SINGLE (no trouble about that!) so I don’t have a partner to go with me and spend “fancy things,” afterwards. In fact, I haven’t tried that, not even once in my life!

To get to the other side, I know singles, also, do have fun on a Valentine’s Day. It’s just I, who has enmity about it. I am bored to death!

Like for example, all of my friends are going out to celebrate the day while here I am alone, technically, in the library, doing some sort of facile stuffs. I am looking for something to do, to cut it short. Man, I cannot find a comme il faut one, aside from scanning or brushing up these documents I’ve read for more than quite a while.

Supposedly, Valentine’s Day is not only for couples or partners in love. We celebrate it, accordingly, because of the feast of St. Valentine. So, I don’t get much contemplation whether or not I have someone or some things now. What’s au fait about that?


I am happy to be with myself and I love my family and friends! Oh, wait. I need to answer a survey…

It is a media survey and well, they are surprised to spot me here (the only Liberal Arts student in the library who seems to be alone and busy.) Ha-Ha. If only they know what I am doing – I am looking for something to do before the clock ticks at 2:30PM for my last class.

Let us go back to my previous thoughts. Students are dressed in BLACK. I won’t be surprised to see that black is dominating the atmosphere now, instead of RED. Really, people’s visions change. We go for the fads and crazes in our society.

Why do most people wear black? What do black symbolizes? 

In a general sense, black is DEATH. But there are other psychological meanings out there. BLACK is not really a color; it is a polarity, the absence of light. And to think that today is Valentine’s Day and you are wearing black must be very intriguing. That is why I am shy to the very core! You know, people might not directly ask you or look you with that eerie face, the big question  is there.

As for my case, I want to go straight to the point. I am wearing a black femme tee today because it’s my tradition. Last year, I did wear black at Valentine’s, too. Intentionally, I am wearing it for my own benefit. But now, I am getting ashamed of myself for wearing black today. My friends are interrogating me! Aww.

Man, I’m gonna make a bet. There are about 8 students inside the library. On regular days, students vacate the whole or half of the place. But now is a very different case. What’s up, eh? It’s Valentine’s! What do you think of me, thinking of you?

Ha! I bet, 70% of the students here are SINGLE! (Including me, of course!) Do not question my probability case. LOL

That photo above is our deparment’s board for post-its! You can post notes, varying upon the sizes of paper hearts you can buy inside the dean’s office, I think. Aren’t they lovely?

Since I am starving already and I want to eat my heart out, lemme call Ate Glaizah, who is my co-debater. I don’t have my classmates with me so it would be a great call to be with her and spend the rest of the Valentine afternoon to talk about the near debate competition…

“Special Pancit Palabok” from Chicboy. Mmmmm…it doesn’t just look yummy in the eye ’cause it will melt in your tongue. (Jokes. It’s not an ice cream. Ha-Ha.)

And before the night ends, I am so blessed because I get to find my missing book for two weeks:

All right. Because it’s a Valentine night now, here’s a poem I would like you all readers to have:

Fire and Ice
by Robert Frost
Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire,
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.
(No, you’re thinking wrong. I typed the poem, really. I am having a hard time copying it from the Internet because of the different font style and I can’t find the default setting here.)
So, there! Happy Valentine’s Day, again, everyone! Enjoy!