Year-End: Look and Move Forward

I can only start my life anew and leave the broken pieces I cannot pick.

2016 has been a round of straightforward and tactless year for me. I failed to manage a social media account too well which left me being the talk of the town. My endless whims and caprices were published in public – the worse of all.

A bold mindset would not think twice of expressing its opinions. That was me this year. What the truth is, it must be exposed. However, I learned my lessons. Relationships became more complicated. I even earned a number of gossipers (even in Law school!). That, I couldn’t take for granted. We have a reputation to maintain for a good name is better than silver or gold (Proverbs 22:1).

In few hours, 2017 is here!!! I already made up my mind to start all over, again, despite some serious mistakes. Besides, if I failed, that doesn’t mean I’m a failure. It does mean I have to start, again, and work harder. And I need to be reminded not to live by the world’s standards but by God’s and the complete renewing of my mind, body, heart, and soul (Romans 12:2).

So, goodbye, then, 2016, and hello, 2017!



Don’t MESH with us!

Long gone is the norm that elder siblings are in charge of expenses. Nowadays, age is just a number. The gift of giving belongs to anyone.

What happens when a sibling passes a national exam?

Mesh room is a resto-cafe along Tapuac road, Dagupan City, Pangasinan. Since it is located along the highway, you can perfectly pull off from a long drive to catch up few breaths, sip a drink of your choice, and munch on the perfect combo of side-dishes or desserts.

Anyway, this is (again) my sister, picking our orders. It’s her treat so she gotta choose everything to celebrate her passing the exam! 😀

From the word “mesh” itself, it’s a snug place with mesh around.

Processed with VSCO with a10 presetOf course, please don’t MESH with us! :p

I brought along two novels for the two of us. ‘Heard you’d have to tag along and stay for a while due to the large amount of their servings. There are times when good novels are all that you need. BTW, this one by Claudia Gray would take you to different dimensions, you have to be conscious all throughout your journey.First batch of our orders: S’MORES. You can have this at PHP 115.00. Price ain’t so bad, eh?Then, again, it’s my first time to drown myself with an overload of this goodie! Thank you, Sissy!CHICKEN SKIN at PHP 50.00. This would the perfect partner for ice-cold drinks. However, we decided not to order a drink anymore since we are taking digestion, slowly and surely. Perhaps, plain water would suffice.Call me a snob, but you should always include FRIES in our bucket list. You can have this at PHP 70.00. Guilty as charged, fries are among my favorite food! Their fries come in plain, potein, etc. TACOS. I already forgot how much these cost. But you should try them, too! There are variety of choices from beef to chicken, etc.Flat-lay version of our meal. Hello! 🙂 😉Leftovers. I always feel bad when there are leftovers so I try my best to consume them all. Her novel. Bow.Set of decors that you can purchase from the cafe. Let the photo shoot begin!

Thanks for dropping by! I’m looking forward to more time of blogging. Thank you, too, Sissy! Congratulations! 🙂