Worth A Hundred Bucks








You have always heard that, “When you are looking for social climbers, go for Starbucks! There are plenty of them there.” LOL. Of course, that was just a joke for your perusal.

I am not that fond of coffee shops but I have a great taste for milk teas. For a year, I have been drinking wintermelon milk tea, esp. in InfiniTEA because it’s the best one I ever tasted, yet. Last June was one of my “first time’s” to actually be inside this premium and refined world-class coffee shop at age nineteen. (All right, don’t look at me with those scrutinizing gazes.) I was with my sister and Ate Triny, my cousin, who treated us, because we brought her there.

It was my first time to sip Java Chip from Starbucks because it’s only then, it opened a franchise in Dagupan, and basically, I have no other means to go to Starbucks, other than traveling from Pangasinan to Baguio or Manila. So, I think it’s quite acceptable for me, who lives in the province, to have tasted a costly coffee after my teenage years. Anyway, it really pays the price.

This will not be the last time that I visit Starbucksl; this is for sure. When payday comes, you know what happens next…

“Some luxuries are worth the wait…”

by: Samantha C. De Guzman