Tired Of the Same Old Line

Hello, everyone! This is just but a short and simple blog. I just want to let you know why I was away from writing here. For almost a month, I was having technical problems with our Internet connection. Laugh at me but I already called more than 30 customer center representatives, all because of same problem – a browser always redirecting to my network service provider’s portal page. And that’s insane, you know? At first, I thought maybe the concern was about our bill but no, man! We don’t have problems regarding the payment. On the same manner, job orders were sent and contractors come and go to our house to check and fix our problem. But what’s happening is useless, let me say this, straightforwardly.

Ssshh…I bet, one reason was also because of the signal coming from their base station. Lucky us, we aren’t that close to the cell site. Okay, for now I’ve already made up my mind. Today, after lunch, my mom and I will be going to their office.

What will you do if your provider isn’t satisfying your needs as a customer? I am being honest about this because a lot of money was wasted about this matter.


P.S. Can you recommend to me the best Internet service provider so we can continue talking here? Thank you!

by: Samantha C. De Guzman






Photo Credits: Preciousshop | Precious Pages Corporation (PPC) | Philippines

Precious Pages Corporation (Precious Hearts Romances) now brings one of the most anticipated novels of the contemporary time – TWILIGHT by Stephenie Meyer. The good thing about this is that, it was translated in Filipino language, therefore, the current Filipino readers of the said Tagalog romance novels will step up into a higher level of stories! Other non-readers, also, will suppress a leisure time for reading this, since the movie hit the globe last 2009.

TAKIPSILIM was written by Armine Rhea Mendoza, a.k.a. “Camilla”, a prolific novelist of our contemporary Tagalog romance novels. Honestly, it was only now I learned that she was the one who translated it, when I surfed the Internet. What I am familiar of is her pseudonym. I am a fan of her, really. Her novels are a hit!

I saw this book last Thursday, June 22, 2012 with my SAGA friends – Angelica Joy, Gavino and Ariane. We had 4hrs vacant that time so we got around, ate our early lunch and spend the rest of our time book hunting in National Book Store.

At first, when you take a first glance at the cover, you can’t see a difference. But so weren’t me, who was a Twilight addict, I picked the book from the shelf and I hold it in my hands and then…shoot! Why was there an enclosed title below that says, ‘Takipsilim?’

Don’t tell me…? I know they do that in movies via dubbing but I can’t believe that the loom of translation expands up to here! Oh, how I am so beholden to know that one of my countrymen did the translation. Camilla, you are so great!

Don’t be surprised with the price, please. You can have the book for only 199php, compared to the official English novel, 315php. So, are you going to include this in your collections? Come on, bookworms!

by: Samantha C. De Guzman


An “Olympus” Getaway

You might be asking why I named the title, “Olympus.” The answer is just so simple: we used an Olympus camera for taking the photos here. (Silly, eh?)

As you can see at the photo captions, they were taken on May 19, 2012 – they day in which I was supposed to be sponsoring to my friend, Angelica Joy’s debut. I was baffling, then, when I learned that we’ll be going here to attend another birthday party. For that, sorry, Angelica. 😦

With my sister and my cousins, I had fun! There were so many photographs, still, that I would share soon.


Photos by: TJ Ynzon, Shiella Mae De Guzman, Triny Ynzon and yours truly, Samantha De Guzman.

(But the most were photographed by Mr. Pogi, TJ Ynzon.)

Photos taken at: Lohas Hotel –  New Well Being Spa Resort in Clark, Pampanga

I bet the suite was a Korean Hotel. If you know how to read what’s on my left and right side, then it was.
The two “Pisceans,” Shiella and TJ.
This is Ate Triny. (Every time we enter the hotel, we never forget to take a photo of us at the doorway.)
TJ, can you help me read that? Look, Ate Triny will always be on the background. (Was that a mandatory for her?)
“Pathway to Heaven.” I really love the hotel’s ambiance! Even the light colors complement the place.
You just see Shiella’s look here. It’s like, “Ate, come on! No more changing of suits. Let’s jump and swim!” (Peace, sis!)
“Grabeeeeeh.” This, I think, was our first expression when we got a view of this. It’s on the center of the suites.
All right. I take account of what I said earlier. Forgive me, the look on my face was a blithe, too.
At the hotel’s resto. It was overwhelming to know that we were the first ones to arrive here and nobody’s eating aside from us.
SMILE and conquer the resto!
This was a Korean suite but I didn’t know that before we ordered here. Ha-Ha.
Photo by: TJ Ynzon
The menus look inviting, don’t they?
Photo by: TJ Ynzon
Have you ever been tied up to that Cafeteria Mia menu, Shiella?
Photo by: TJ Ynzon
The most impressive “strawberry shake” I saw in my whole life!
“SWEET & SPICY CHICKEN.” One thing I loved most about the hotel’s resto was that, their servings were king-sized! And that was an individual order, for goodness’ sake! I still remember it when I was already full after eating 3pcs.
P.S. We didn’t know that there were fries included in every order! Bonus! 
These two Pisceans look like “balikbayans.” Mafeeling! Ha-Ha 
That calamansi juice I was holding there was actually from the resto. We asked the crews if I can brought it with me at the hotel room. 
Here’s the story behind this blurry photo: The chefs and crews were all looking and smiling at us here while we were taking photos…that sort of freaked us out! 
One last shot before we enter the hotel…
Hooooray! After a tiring day comes a relaxing view. Hmmn…why I am taking photos of these two? I, too, must be taking a rest now.
“Click clack away.”
“My adorable sister, Shiella.” Beauty is fierce. It is up to us how we give people the perception of what we got.
Photo by: TJ Ynzon 
Of course we are tired. We really are!
The Big Bang smile and The Big White Remote Control. 
“The Golden Chandelier.” TJ accidentally took this while he was wandering around and looking at the ceiling. The luminous effect is magnificent! (unedited photo)
Another shot of “The Golden Chandelier” by TJ Ynzon. I told you, he’s a good photographer! 
“Mirror, mirror on the wall. If you stop looking at me when I take photos, I’d better give a bet to you.”
Spot the “GHOST!”
I am “SAMthing Extraordinary!”
The “3 Marias.”
At the birthday event. Look at the balloons at the ceiling! Black, yellow and gray was the motif! You can take a grip and pop those balloons – they have prizes. But dang, I already popped 3 balloons and killed the audience’ eyes, WALL A PA REIGN. Gets? Ha-Ha 
Going back to the hotel room. We bought Mogu Mogu drinks for the evening!

These would be all for now. And as what I have promised, I would be posting more photos of us in our “Olympus” getaway soon. Pardon me for the early publishing of this post, yesterday. There was an Internet connection problem so I didn’t finish the post. Thanks to the autosave button, though. It was a big help!

P.S. Thank you for the continuous likes! Welcome to my new followers. =) Have a splendid day to all!

by: Samantha C. De Guzman


“Catch-A-Va” (CASSAVA Cakes Freshly Pressed)

Carbohydrates are “energy-providers.” They sustain our body the energy we needed most in performing daily activities. Cassava, or commercially known as tapioca, is a good source of carbohydrates. It has the biggest amount of starch among root crops like sweet potato, white potato, goayam and purple yam, with almost 34 percent k/cal.

And to make cassavas even more tasty and advancing, cassava cakes are wisecracks! They are perfect for snacks in mid-afternoon or in any time of the day!

Thanks, mom, for these delightful, little cakes.
“Bite with me.” I am lovin’ the layers shown here.
Cassava from the HEART!

I suggest Cassava Cakes as part of your snacks, daily. If you are a cook and you want to make your own cakes, then that’s better! Just don’t forget to share them with me, please. Ha-Ha.

That would be all. Happy “Catch-A-Va” day to you!

by: Samantha C. De Guzman


Bookworms Don’t Lie…or Bite?

book·worm  (bkwûrm)


1. One who spends much time reading or studying.

2. Any of various insects, especially book lice and silverfish, that infest books and feed on the paste in the bindings.

The last time I blogged, I talked about emptiness, didn’t I? Tonight, then, is full of avidity. June starts the rainy season and it opens up my mind to do a little more thinking. This is the best time to curl up in bed and read books we crave like an ice cream last summer!

Let me go straight to your shelves. We’ll be talking about books here!

1. When did you start reading a book? (fiction or non-fiction, it doesn’t matter)

2. When you finished one, was there an urge to read another one? (If there is none, don’t answer the next questions. Ha-Ha. Joke.)

3. Are there chances wherein you spend less time sleeping at night just to finish it?

4. How many hours a day do you spend reading? (magazines, newspapers, textbooks, novels, pamphlets, brochures, etc.)

5. Do you mind reading this blog post until the end? (winks)

(You can answer my questions below by dropping your comments below – that will be highly appreciated. But if it seems too confidential, you can still answer me. YES or YES?)

The title of this post tells a lot about me, as a reader, too. For two weeks, it has been stuck on my mind and I promised to write about this – “BOOKWORMS DON’T LIE…or BITE?”

Here are the novels that consume everything about me:

If you are much a VENTURER and you want some adventures to amuse your marbles, stories like The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins are off-peak!

Image They are available on hard covers and paperbacks! I want the Official Illustrated Movie Companion, too! =)
Image Teem Peeta or Team Gale? I’m Team Katniss! =D

In the same manner, a bloodsucking tale puts you in the mood. On rainy seasons like these, Stephenie Meyer’s The Twilight Saga Series will put you in a bandwagon of Love and Sacrifice. They have everything you need: “thrills, drills, chills.”

Image Fire or Ice? Team Edward forever! (I don’t sound obsessed, do I?)

On the other hand, for minimalists who eat one’s heart out of contemporary romance, go for the sparkling love stories of Nicholas Sparks! It is never a movie without his bestselling stories.

Image So, what’s your favorite Nicholas Sparks novel?
Image I’ve already read both The Last Song and The Guardian. Now, I’m finishing Message In A Bottle. More to come!

I believe there are other novels or stories out there that I missed but these are but just some of the obsessive ones I selected so I can share them with you. Once again, I want to ask you, “I don’t sound obsessed, do I? Ha-Ha.

There, I said it. Books spoil us! It is fascinating to watch movies with all that altered effects from the screen, but it is more enticing to sit alone and direct movies on your mind while reading. You are a director of your own movie! Crank up some brain cells there, homie! You’ll never be sorry, I am not lying.

Read and Fly.

Bookworms don’t die.

They soar high and fly up to the sky!

Photos taken at: National Book Store, CSI Lucao branch, Dagupan City

by: Samantha C. De Guzman