September Born: A Woman of Dignity and Pride


Almost four long years I’ve been surpassing the battles and enamors of being a college student. As a Political Science student, I am soaring high in order to finish law both for my family or kin. But behind this life’s goal, I am striving harder not to please anyone. I am here fighting and continuously groping for a person whom I take credit for my studies. She is a woman of dignity and pride. From her I learned when or when not to fight. As my second mother, she sees to it when I am in the right track and there is no chance when she does not inspire me to reach my goals not only for my family, but also for myself. She taught me the value of decent education for self-fulfillment and pride. To her I owe this legacy. Now is the day that she was born, I ask for the grace of the Almighty to bless her more and her family with countless gifts of mercy and charity.

Auntie Shirley, I am so thankful that we have you in our life. You help us every day, voluntarily, without expecting much in return. You are a true angel sent by God. We will forever cherish you and all the things you’ve done for us. Pardon us for our human fallibility. Always remember that although we’re miles away, our hearts are close together. Through our hearts we communicate; through our prayers to you we dedicate.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AUNTIE SHIRLEY C. WATANABE! WE LOVE YOU. Our deepest regards to Uncle Takao and Kuya Takaya and to all your employees!